Friday, November 6, 2009

Travel To New York

Being a first time resident here in the United States is amazing. I wasn't even expecting that I will be residing here. It was a dream come true. United States before was only a dream and just thinking about going to this place is impossible but it happens to me. I am not bragging about it but it was one of the greatest thing that ever to me. Who could ever think that I am already here and with the love of my life. Yes my husband resides here and he brought me here. I lived my whole life in the Philippines but my life is more meaningful now that I am with the person I truly love and can't live without with. I have been here for over a year now and my adjustments are doing pretty. It's hard sometimes but manageable. We live in Mississippi and I love the place. I have to some States too and it amazes me that I personally went there because before I only look at them in the picture. I still want to visit more States but it may take time because I am pregnant with our first child now. Probably if things are settled, I already give birth and our baby could travel, I want to visit New York. Right now I can only see the views of New York on television but one day my family will be there ( my husband, our baby and me ). I wanna see and most probably dine in one of New York romantic restaurants. That would be so amazing! I know this place has lots to offer, not only a restaurant but some New York Attractions. I cannot wait to travel there and see it myself. That would be so great.

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