Monday, November 2, 2009

Costume Store

This year is the most memorable and the most scariest Halloween Celebration that I have ever had. Actually it is my first time though because last year, we are not able to go to some haunted house because they already closed. This year it was such an experience. I got scared so bad, to the point that I don't want to try it again. Good thing my husband was there as well as my in laws and some other friends too us and just have fun for the Halloween. It was a great experience and great memory to treasure especially that we have done it together ( my husband and I ) and also our baby. Although she wasn't born yet but were glad she was part of it. But next years Halloween will be a bit different because she will be born and will personally experience the Halloween. My husband and I already had planned for her costume. Hehehehe...Yes we are not that excited don't we. And speaking of costumes, I came across this Costume store online. Not only that, they also have a Halloween decorations and everything that you need for this celebration. I am getting anxious to see and be able to hold our little one soon and experience a celebration like Halloween with our child because Halloween is really for children. Oh I can not wait to see my girl doing trick or treat next year. I am glad to find this website as my reference in shopping for my Halloween stuff. Check out their website too.

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