Friday, February 25, 2011


Oh I am so full. We went out for Chinese buffet tonight and the food was great. We had a great time too with my husband and my daughter. Yes in short the 3 of us went out on a date. That was sweet and I am loving it. For the past days I have also been practicing to drive. I just got my learners permit last Tuesday and thank God I pass on my first take. Hopefully I will be able to take my road test next week but I am not really that comfortable yet. Probably I will practice more and hoping to get my drivers license in one shot when I take my road test. Wish me luck guys.

Bulletin Boards

When you go to a particular school or company, what do you normally recognize the very first time? It is their bulletin boards right? Yes they are very handy and works perfectly all the time. They carry information about an announcement or any kind of details that needs to be implemented or needed to be spread to everybody. I myself even have my own bulletin board at the house to keep me reminded on my bills and it's due date and believe me or not it keeps me updated all the time.

Just any other company who sells them, Bulletin Board Company is in line of this product too. They sell and produce different kinds of bulletin boards that you need either for personal use, business use or office use. They have bulletin boards for sale in different styles, size, finish nor materials. They offer free shipping on all bulletin boards. And you have to experience their before and after low price protection when purchasing.

With their company you can't go wrong. They have a team of experts or customers service that will assist you during your purchase or even after sales they are still there. They truly service an outstanding products and services on their product. So check out their website now and get the greatest deal you will ever have.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My now top list

This is what I want to own this year for my gadgets collection. I just love the features of a DSLR camera. I hope I will be able to save or hopefully the money that I have been saving is enough. I so look forward buying my DSLR camera as a treat for me. Suppose to be, this is my second on the list and the number one is an Ipad but since I already got an Iphone 4, it is very exaggerating to still buy an Ipad, so my camera is now on my top list. Yipey! I'm excited and looking forward on my purchase.

Web Invasion

The web has really invaded our daily lives. There are just so much to do online in just a few clicks away. You can surf and do research in an instant. This are just the things you can and there are so much more. You can also play games like boxhead 2. This an online game that everyone is hooked especially kids.

Another popular game is the age of war. It is very entertaining and very interesting to play during spare time. See how much technology had improved decades ago and now it very overwhelming that it is much and easier and a lot more faster to do. Aside from it is programmed by brilliant inventors, it is very user friendly.

Not just games, blogging is also invading the web. Like me I have been blogging for almost 3 years now since I came to the states. It is very interesting and I love doing it everyday. It is something you can generate income too through blogging for money. I think most people who blog does it for additional income nowadays.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Why is it so hard to deal with emotions sometimes. It is hard to understand why it comes and go. The very worst thing is when you get hurt. This is where you do not forget things easily. You just want to cry and burst it out to make you feel a little better but after that, it is still there. Pain is so hard to forget and erase. It is something that somebody could get killed or perhaps end their lives, but is it really worth it to leave your love ones behind just for a simple problem? No! Problems comes and go and we have the full control on how to deal with it or how to solve it. Some will take it as a motivation but some will take it negatively and take the wrong path and lead them in so much trouble. Emotions is really there since we were born but to deal with it is a sole responsibility of an individual. God knows everything that's happening and he is the best instrument to fight emotions all the time

Trade Show

Business right now are becoming more innovative in their marketing strategies. They come up with different ideas to make their products more marketable to consumer. Like a trade show display. This is categorize under one stop shopping for buyers in different places. In here you will see a wide range of product to choose from.

This is like shopping til you dropped. Prices are very affordable and worth every penny to spend. They organize trade show flooring, trade show carpet, logo mats and logo canopy. Those are just some that you will see in trade shows. Huge discounts awaits you too because they sell it for factory price.

I have never been to a trade show and I would love to come in one of them. I've read about it and it is very interesting how people love it. The thing that amazes me are the different product and the low price you will get. I hope our area will host a trade show one and I will definite come. So check out trade shows in your area now.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day is just few hours away. I bet everyone is very busy planning or talking about where they're going after office hours tomorrow. I want to wish everyone a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. I hope you guys will have a blast on valentines day. Be careful and enjoy each others company.

Advertising Agency

Businesses rely the most in an Advertising Agency. This way they can market their products and services to consumers. Advertising is truly the most effective way to sell your product. You see it everywhere. You hear it wherever you go.

I can still remember when I was still working 3 years ago. I worked in a motorcycle dealership and advertising our product everyday is a must. I am under the marketing department and our department is busiest department in our office, not only that, the most toughest and requires full time attention. We are the ones who brainstorms and create strategies for our products and services. We always do marketing activities every month to promote our product.

Based on experience I would really recommend hiring an advertising agency because they heaven sent when it comes to this aspect. They what to do best on your product and marketing strategies compared to ordinary employees. With us before we worked with an advertising agency. We lay our plans on the ad and they do recommend corrections and what best strategies to use for an effective advertising.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Skype with hubby right now. I am loving this service. Before when hubby is offshore we couldn't communicate well because he doesn't have phone signal at all. But now that we both switch to iphone 4 and using skype we can communicate everyday. Their boat has a wifi connection so we call and chat all the time and I am loving it.

Great Team With Steam

When you need a team that you can depend on when it comes to cleaning and the maintenance of your house. You simply choose the best and has the great reputation in world of service rendered. For total cleaning and restoration, you need the steam team of Texas. They offer great services and has been in the business for 25 years. They are the number choice among the rest and truly trustworthy when it comes to services.

They offer so many services for the neighborhood. They are particularly located in Austin Texas. They offer hardwood floor cleaning service austin, furniture odor removal austin, fresh air duct cleaning austin, green rug cleaning austin and so many more. Those are just some of the services that you can choose from that they render. They also specialize restoration from water extraction to smoke and fire damage restoration.

You can call them anytime if you need their service. You can even get a quick quote for the service that you want. Order online too if you are too busy to call or stop by their offer. Visit their website now and experience the customer satisfaction that you want. They are just waiting on you to buzz in for their service.

Sleepy Baby

It is only quarter til 8 in the evening but my little one is getting sleepy. I don't really want to put her to bed this early because her normal bed time is between 9:00 - 9:30 in the evening. Probably I will just entertain her for another hour so that she'll really go to bed on time. The problem of putting her to sleep earlier than her bedtime is she will wake up in the middle of the night and will have a hard time putting her back to sleep. So hopefully she'll quite crying. Have a good evening everyone!

Comfy Scrubs

When you go to hospitals year ago, you will typically a doctor or a nurse wearing a plain white uniform. Nowadays scrubs are very popular. Whenever you are connected to medical profession, scrubs are used. The most popular you will are the medical nursing scrubs. As you can see, nobody is using the plain white uniform anymore.

Seeing them wearing scrubs are very neat and presentable. I have even tried using one and they are so comfortable to use. The freshness and the lightness of scrubs are awesome. So I guess wearing it does not denote that you are a nurse or a doctor but it is also now a fashion statement for everyone. And there is no law that says that scrubs are only for medical professionals.

Women, Men or even kids scrubs are available now. Even hats, jackets and shirts are also now available. If you wished to use scrubs now, blue sky scrubs is that right place to go. They offer discounted scrubs for everyone who wish to have. Purchase now and see the difference in your fashion statement.


I am still sleepy. My little one doesn't want to go to bed last night and decided that she just want to play til 4 in the morning. Now I am tired and sleepy. I also have not been feeling well for the past days because of my sinuses. Sleepy plus am not feeling well, oh God help me. I hope I can get some sleep when my baby gets home.

Bundling up for cold weather in style

Guest post written by Aubrey Daly

Summer is my favorite time of the year because it's so easy to get dressed by throwing on a sundress and a pair of sandals. It's so complicated to get dressed with style in the winter because you have to think about dressing in layers and if your clothes are still going to match when you take of our coat. But I still try and make a big effort to pull my whole outfit together and spice up my everyday coat with sassy accessories.

I love to look through all kinds of fashion blogs so that I can get some inspiration from how other normal people with wardrobe buses dress. One night about a week ago I was looking through some of my favorite blogs and while I was doing that I came across the website and read through it. I wanted to switch over my internet service for a while anyway and so I changed mine over to that provider.

Some of my favorites right now for cute winter fashion include over the knee boots, which are great for wearing with jeans or tights. I only have one pair, but I bought them in black and have been wearing them a lot this season.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl XLV

It's superbowl time everyone. Enjoy the game and I hope your team will win. Go Steelers!!
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