Saturday, July 31, 2010

Give from Your Heart

One of the greatest things any of us can do in life is reach out and do a good deed for another human being. Whether it means offering your love and compassion, or making a charitable donation of time, energy, or money, there are many ways to bring sunshine into the lives of others.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Work work work work work

I feel like my body was used as a punching bag..Ouch!!. Yes I have been having body aches last night and this is probably from working so hard yesterday. Then today we have to clean out dad's storage unit. Have to load and unload some container and that is very tiring. I am so tired and tomorrow we still have a cleaning job to do.. Wheeww!! Hope after this assigned job I can get a relaxing moment back. Hubby is going back to work tomorrow too. So I am all by myself again. We did not get to spend much this when his home because there was a bunch of stuff his dad for him. I think we spend more time working rather than having our alone time. Just tonight it is suppose to be our time before he goes back to work but we have to continue loading and unloading some stuff from the storage unit. Oh well, nothings really new. We did go out for a dinner though but that's just it. Hopefully they will just leave him a alone when his home. Just venting guys.

Trip Package To Memphis

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Soooooo Tired

We really had a busy day today. We helped our neighbor cleaned a house that was burned and we did pretty good. There are bunch of stuff that can still be used and can be sell. We had worked for almost half a day and we are really tired. It fun to help although it is tiring but everything we dig and what we got from that house was given to us. Awesome! Probably I will clean them, take a picture and list to my website. Well, all in all we had a great day and now it is bed time. So guys have a wonderful evening. Goodnight!

Charters Back To School Promo

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Few more weeks from now and schools are going to be resuming. Yes, it is that time of the year again that kids has to go back to school. It was quite a long summer break, but students has to face the reality to go back to school. Along with back to school, Charter is once again back with a big bang. Yes, Charter is organizing a great promotion reward once more. It is the Charter back to school campaign. They are giving away 50 brand new laptops of your favorite school. It is very easy to join. Just register and nominate your favorite school. Create a short nomination story about the school chosen and submit. Nomination has to be submitted by August 12th and the puts the open voting between August 16 through Septemeber 20. Winners will be announced on September the 27th. Charter will choose two winning schools and could win the Lenovo 15.6" screen, 160GB drive and 36B ram laptops. Wow! Isn't that amazing? Awesome deal! Aside from that you can win a laptop yourself too. How? Just register for a chance to win a laptop-a-day giveaway. And the nice thing about this is when you order any Charter service, you are automatically given a chance to win plus up to $300 cash back. How awesome is that. Just take note purchase is not really necessary to register online. So guys what are you waiting for, join now! Also, follow Charter on Facebook for more updates.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

My baby is now a captain...Alright!

Like my baby have said, after 3 1/2 years, it is now official that he is a captain. He received his captains license in the mail today. I am so happy for him. I know he has been waiting for this for a very long time and at last here it is. I am so proud of him. He work so hard to achieve his goal in his career and finally it is all in his hand. Congratulations baby ko! I know from the very start that you will succeed. We are so proud of you. We love you!

Jewelry Armoire

Most women definitely love jewelries. I personally love jewelries. It is like there is something to it that you cannot resist. But anyway, what I am going to talk about is the jewelry armoire. I think, it does come with especially if you are a collector or probably a seller. It helps protect you jewelries from any breakage, dust and any other untoward incidents.

Shopping for a jewelry armoire is not as hard as your thinking. At become website they have a buying guide for buyers who shop. It does help to really know what details you need before purchasing. To top of it, you do not need to go somewhere else just to purchase because after reading the guides, you directly purchase on their website. With their huge selection of furniture, you cannot go wrong.

They also sell large jewelry armoire for larger collection of jewelries. They even have made of wood jewelry armoire and many more. As you visit their website, you will be amazed how huge their selections are. It is like you can do a one - time shop at the tip of your finger. So folks, what are you waiting for, grab the chance!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bed Time

Just got done updating my blog and after this, I am going to wash my daughter's bottle, then take a shower and probably go to bed. I am a bit tired but I will be okay. I am just finishing what I needed to do on the computer and it's bed time. The baby is already asleep so I guess time to get some sleep too. Goodnight everyone.

Online Degree For Stay At Home Mom

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I am a stay at home mom for more than six months now. Yes, I just gave birth to a very precious baby girl last January 17, 2010. It was a great feeling and an awesome journey to a first time motherhood. I enjoy every moment I'm with my daughter and to watch her growth and development everyday is priceless. Right now, I really cannot think of doing anything with my career yet since my daughter is still young. But probably when she's old enough, I can go back to school. I already earned my bachelor's degree, but I wanted to study nursing as my second course. I do not plan in going to school everyday because I plan in taking it online. Yes, Online degree is now available for us busy mom. This way I can still spend some quality time with my family and at the same time pursuing my career. With online degree I can get a flexible schedule as well as a self paced to study whenever and wherever I like. This not only ideal for a stay at home like me, but also for working adults as well. Its tuition fee already includes all the books you need as well as course materials. Not only that you can also choose from over 100 nationally credited career diplomas, associate degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree and certificate program. This is really awesome. This is a huge opportunity for a stay at home mom like me to pursue my career. What more could you ask? It is easy. It is affordable and most of all it is closer to home.
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Watching America's Got Talent

Just in the living room and watching America's Got Talent. I wonder who is going to make it tonight and whose going home. Well, hopefully all the acts will give it they're all for this once in a life time opportunity. The show has just started at NBC so guys got to go now and enjoy your night.

NMEDA for Disabled People

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The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association or NMEDA was started in Florida to help dealers form a more standard approach to equipping vehicles for the handicap. Equipping a vehicle for the handicapped can be expensive and daunting task. With a lot dealers and do it yourself kits, but as we all know everyone is different and everyone's disability is also different. The dealers associated with the NMEDA follow the guidelines and references of all others to maintain conformity with safety while insuring a personal basis to the needs of the person. There are also QAP dealers who hold themselves to a higher set of rules to make sure the modification done for you are needed by you and not just someone like you. At this site you can actually see where the closest dealer to you is. For instance the close dealer to me is just 14 miles away and is a GAP dealer. This information will be handy as soon we will be looking to modify the van for my dad's new wheelchair due to his injuries while in the service. So whether you need to have modifications done or maybe someone in your family. If you are the caregiver or just hoping to create a more easily creative life for aging parents, go and see where the closest dealer to you may be and let me know. Hopefully this site will help you as much as it has helped my dad.
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I am into cooking today. I guess I just miss it and wanted hubby to try something new aside from the usual food. Right now I am cooking yema. This is a dessert. So I do hope he will like it. Our day is doing well so far. The baby is with grandma and grandpa so it's only me and hubby at the house. We are just doing blogging and watching the Filipino channel at the same time. I wish you a great day ahead.


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This is finally here. The site for parents that can involve the whole family. It is a convenient and family friendly site where you can buy, sell, auction, or swap items with other parents. The site has a free game zone for the kids and even allows the teaching of responsibility and money management by having two areas. One for teen's ages thirteen to eighteen and one for younger kid's ages eight to twelve to buy, sell or swap. They are set up with parental guidance, but what better way to show the kids how to get through life. Supaswap has opened the online auction status to a family environment. This allows us as parents to teach our children about this growing trend while still being able to monitor them and guide them in their decisions. They will learn the benefits of contractual obligations as well as being to make money. They will also be able to see their extra stuff, but as parent we will still be able to guide them from making a larger mistake. So feel free to stop by and check out this amazing new site and you may find the deal you have been looking for.
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Our little one is now 6 months old

The little one just turned 6 months old last Saturday. Wow!!time truly fly so fast. It's like I just give birth to her yesterday. She is growing like a weed and she is becoming funny everyday. She does play all time and she really enjoy it. We are just glad that our daughter is a happy baby all the time. Daddy and Mommy are very proud.

Predict Your Winning With Sports Betting

When we watch a sport say like football we normally bet on whose team gonna win. I think this is something that has been in the world of sports or game for decades now. It is not as well uncommon to sports bet in every game we watch or every sports we have been to. They may not be the exact result yet but bet on sports is a process of predicting the result of a game.

I did try sports betting before because I was involve with sports. I play tennis and softball so I always bet that our team will win every game. It is fun and exciting. Although there is really no telling who is going to win but having the confidence in you is a good indication of winning. I even bet before with money involve.

I do not see it as illegal if money is involve in sports betting because I think it is part of the game. Some people will even invest more money in one sport. They don't mind spending their money because the enjoyment they are experiencing is all worth it. Get involve and learn new tricks with it. Check some online sports betting website to give you an overview on the things involve in it.


I am so glad hubby is home. He came in around 6 in the morning yesterday. Bet his so tired but we are glad he is home and so is he. Right now we are just enjoying a great Monday morning. The baby is awake and playing on her bouncer. The husband just went out to run some errands. And today is laundry day. Wheeww!!! Well typical job of a wife but I am enjoying it. Hope you guys are having a wondrous day!

A World Class Resort

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

She is wonderful

My father in laws eldest sister passed away this morning, bless her heart. She has been fighting with cancer for the last couple of year and now the God Lord has finally decided it's her time. She is a wonderful woman and she will be missed. The pain is still fresh when my dad passed away more than a month ago too. My sympathy is to the family because I exactly know the feeling of losing someone you love.

Web Hosting A New Interest

I have been in the blogging for almost 2 years. I am really enjoying it and it does enhance my writing skills more. English is not our primary language in the Philippines, so being involve in blogging has really thought me a lot. It not only improve my writing skills but had also helped me in so many other things. I can also freely express my views and opinion in my page.

Speaking of which, I wanna go up from blogging to web hosting. To me they are very similar and it is like you just up to another level. This is really something I wanted to do for the past months. My problem was, I do not know how to get started with and until now I am still learning the basic process. I am really striving hard to learn this quick to really get started.

Web hosting is very broad. You'll get involve in so many web hosting directory in the world wide web. You will also have the full access to some web site hosting. This will really get me more involve on the things that I wanted to do. And I think web hosting is truly the answer of my online expertise.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Inspiration of the Day

You can have a life filled with awe at any age. You can awake each morning, potentially inspired, centered, with a sense that many options and opportunities stretch before you. Awe is a power unto itself, and by its very nature transforms us. The best part is it is free, natural and continually available. All you need is the willingness to awaken to awe, and to do so by trying a new approach to life.

Visible Address

Here in the states, it is not uncommon to see some home address plaques in every neighborhood. It is like a law to them or they feel like it is necessary to put an address sign or address plaque in front of their house. To me I think it is a necessity so that it is a lot easier to find your home. Using this, your physical address is more visible to others. When it comes to shipping something to you, rest assured you will get it.

Most address plaques are not only for home owners. This are also available to business institution, schools and everything like that. It does help to locate a location very easy if the address signs are very visible. Most of the time you can see them right in front of the house. Or sometimes it is near the mailbox or in the garden.

Some other people will put them in their doorway. Actually you can put them everywhere as long as they are visible. What's important is they could see your address plaques and numbers visible enough to locate you. I think this is a good investment for every household. So if you decided to get one, you are making a great deal.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am so bored today. I do not know but boredom is really kicking in. I have tried to keep myself busy but I am nbored...Wheewww..Hopefully I can think of something to ease up the boredome before the day ends. It is also hot today so I guess it is part of it as well..Whheewww...Well I hope you guys are having a good day.

All About Planters

During summer, indoor planters and outdoor planters are everywhere. I do not know why we can only plant flowers during the summer but I think it is quite obvious that a plant won't make it through during cold season. A friend of mine use to tell me that I have a green thumb. Sometimes I believe it and sometimes not. Maybe because not all the time I grow a plant so well.

I do love gardening. It is a way to ease my boredom especially when I am totally doing nothing at home. Most of the time I grew up outdoor planter. They pretty and beautiful and very heart warming when you them grow perfectly. It is like, the hard work you have invested is all worth when you see you finish product in the long run.

I am still amazed how plants can do something into ones lives. Indoor planter is also good for the house because it produces some oxygen inside the house. It also add something to your decoration around the house. It can also produce a very heart warming vibe. And having plants around makes you feel like you are close to nature.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eclipse Movie

I am so looking forward to watch the "eclipse" movie. I have read partly of the book but I want to see the move now..Lol..Unfortunately, it is not yet showing in our area so I just have to wait. I just hope it won't be long til it's showing. I am very curious now on what the movie is like, so I cannot wait. Ciao!!!

Grants and Scholarships

Every time I open my email, I always get this college grants application. Some details comes along with it. They would even send a step by step procedure on how to apply for a grant. It is very interesting because they would provide a financial help for those people who would like to go back to school. Getting college scholarships through grant is once is a lifetime opportunity.

Actually, it is not only for college scholarships but also for minority scholarships, family scholarships and many more. What you would do is fins a school that you would like and pick a career you are interested in. When scholarship is granted, they will pay all the expenses needed until you finish your course. To me this is a very great opportunity for everyone who wants to go back to school. The application is very fast and easy.

Also be careful with those scam websites. They are everywhere but legit websites would normally out numbered those scam websites. Finish or fulfill the career that you have been dreaming with the help of grants. This is an opportunity to help yourself and to pursue whatever goals you have in life. Apply now and start your career.

Bad Dream

I had a bad dream last night it feels so true. I was even crying when I woke up from that dream. The dream was very personal, so I will not sat anything about it no more. I know it is just a dream and will never come true especially it was really a bad one.


Way back in the Philippines, we hardly get a mail not unless you are one of the business establishment that gets mails a day. But even them, they do not have mail boxes in their vicinity. What they normally do is they will deliver the mail door to door. When I got her in the states, I was surprise with the mails we get every. It's a ton and most of them are junk.

But as I have notice in my residency here. Every household has Residential Mailboxes. The USPS would normally drop all the mails in the mailbox. In here it is not uncommon to receive mails everyday. They are junk mails, bills and just everything they could send to your residence. Most of the business here has Commercial Mailboxes too.

I think it is really required to have your own mailbox here in the states. I guess it's in their law and a must to put a mailbox right in front of your house. We do have one and I think it is of best quality mailbox my father in law had ever purchased. I sell some stuff online and when I shipped the sold items I can just toss them inside the mailbox. I like it because it huge.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quite Busy

Had quite a busy day today. Went out and run some errands but I'm glad I'm home. I am a little bit tired but I am okay. It is so hot outside. I guess it is 94 degrees in there but all in all my day is doing good so far. Hubby just left a message on facebook that he doesn't know the crew change would but hopefully within this week. Can't wait to see hubby, I miss him so much. Hope you guys are having a great Tuesday morning.

Boasting Confidence

Are you getting tired going to gym for workout? Well, the best extreme workouts has finally arrived for you convenience. It has an awesome features and very easy steps to follow. You can even do it at home or anywhere you are at. This is what they called the turbo jam. It is excellent and most consumers recommends it. They had really enjoyed and got the body shape they have been wanting.

This is very unique that you can do it at home. It is very convenient and very affordable as well. This revolutionary workout that has insane workouts, support system, tools, nutrition plan and many more. It is like getting the best deal in town in one package. This is really great and very worth it to invest to get the body shape you desired.
Come and get the turbo jam for yourself. This will be the greatest investment of your life. This will also be a great gift to friends and family. Check out their website and see the different deal they've got for. Slim in 6 weeks with turbo jam and boast you self esteem with the body shape you have achieved.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Quote of the Day

Just want to share something. I just read some quote on the internet and I came across this article. It is about the 10 ways to deepen your relationship. Here is one of the ten.

You Can Find Marital Bliss and Happiness

Happy relationships shouldn't be hard work! That's one of the upbeat findings from my landmark study of marriage, which has been following 373 married couples since 1986. Here's more good news for lovebirds: If you're in a happy partnership, married or not, you can keep it that way or make it even better by introducing a few new behaviors and small changes into the relationship. While many relationship experts say you need to focus on fixing what's wrong, my research shows that adding positive behaviors to the relationship has a much greater impact on couples' happiness. Here are ten ways to deepen your relationship bond, and be a happier couple.

Be Entertained

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Charter has been in the market for many years now. Whether shopping, goods or services they are the best. Their latest service is the "On the demand" Charter TV in digital. So far this is the most popular and the most in demand service in the market especially in the entertainment industry. If you'd like to be entertained at home, this is the best catch and the best deal ever. On the On Demand home page you can see different features and all kinds of entertainment they can offer. You will ‘Like’ their Facebook page as well for an upright update in the entertainment world. The On Demand menu has much to explore and more to offer than just movies. There are thousands of shows and programs to uncover. Besides the latest movies, there are literally thousands of free shows for every interest. Kids shows, workout videos, concerts, cooking shows and every other specialty show is available on your schedule, when you have time to watch it. I like the cooking show the most and what's exciting on it is, I have the full control on my schedule on when to watch it. This is amazing and truly a great deal. Check it out!
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Daily Inspiration

I just recognize that everyday, I do received a daily inspiration in my email. I always ignored it but today it caught my attention and I was thinking to share it with you guys. Here's the daily inspiration for today:

Give up Worry by Recognizing it as a Bad Habit

Worry is made up of nagging, persistent thoughts that circle around in your head. It is “what if” statements, worst-case scenarios, and awful predictions. The act of worrying is an obsessive, habitual behavior—and one that you can give up. But before you can give it up, you must accept that the act of worrying serves no purpose. Worrying is stealing your energy, fatiguing your muscles and body, exacerbating your aches and pains, increasing your vulnerability to stress and infection, distracting you from the present, interfering with your sleep, inappropriately increasing or decreasing your appetite, and keeping you from more pleasurable or important tasks. It is time to recognize the act of worry serves no purpose and has become a bad habit. Here are 9 tips to help you put up boundaries around your worry.

Luau Invitation

When I heard the word " luau " the first thing in my mind is " Hawaii ". I can immediately think of the dance that they perform in every activities they have. So the word luau to me represent the culture of Hawaii. Speaking of, they now have created some luau invitations to preserve the beautiful designs and the beautiful characteristics behind this word. I have check and have seen by my naked eye the pretty designs and the different invitation cards they have created. Flowers, Island, slippers, corals and many more. Check it out!

Home Sick?

I am missing the Philippines a lot since we got back from our trip. My husband and I together with our daughter has really experience the alone time when we were there. Although friends and family are with us all the time but the fact of the matter is that we can do the thing we wanted to do. In short, we had the freedom that we have always wanted. Hopefully, we can go back there soon and eventually move to the Philippines one day.

Recreation with 48 hour tee times

Golf is the most expensive sports. Why ? Because the equipments alone are very high quality product and has to be bought in set in order to get started with this sport. If you own a huge property, you can probably build your own golf course. But if not, 48 hour tee times is there as an alternative to your recreation. Yes, this is the best time for you tee times for this summer.

You can visit their website at You will see different recreations you can do in staying on this place. Isn' that amazing that you can book a last minute booking within 48 hours with their service? Wow, you cannot find this kind of service somewhere else. This is really the time of the year to go out, relax and be with your friends and family.

Check out their website and start booking. It is for free and their is no membership fee at all. It has 24/7 service for you last minute booking in golf outing. I guess this is the fastest and the easiest service, any person could ever have. And to think that you can do last minute booking, it is sure granted that you will experience the fun and enjoyment with their service.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hot and humid

It was very hot and humid outside. Could hardly stay for a long time. But still I did because I had to run some errands. Good thing I'm done and home now and playing with my daughter. I am also glad that direct tv was able to fix my Filipino channel and it is now running again. Got no major plans for today but to baby sit with my precious one that I enjoy the most. Hope everyone is having a great Friday. Happy weekend.

Insurance - Assurance

Death is very unpredictable. It comes unexpectedly and very silent. Unless you have illness which a doctor can say that you only have this amount of time to live. But nobody really knows when his / her time, only God can tell when. My dad past away last month and that was a very sad moment. It was unpredictable, it was an expected, everybody was shocked and can't believe that his already gone.

My dad is a cop and most cop has funeral insurance and term life insurance. He has been paying this while he was working and immediately taken out from his paycheck. It's good that they require this kind of insurance to them because it is very helpful to the family. My dad's burial is already paid because his got this insurance. It does help us with the expenses.

Like other insurance such as Australian life insurance and many more. They provide great service to the family. It helps the immediate family with the financial support. The burial is very expensive but because he already have it, we didn't have to pay a single amount. This kind of service is such a saver.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

15th President of the Philippines - Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino

June 30, 2010, Yesterday in the Philippine, the 15th President took oath as the new leader in the country. He is no other than Benigno "Noynoy" C. Aquino III. He is the son of the former President Corazon C. Aquino. Hopefully, he will do his best to fight the corruption in the Philippines and hopefully is cabinet will work as a team for the betterment of the country.
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