Monday, May 17, 2010

The Time Traveler’s Wife

This is a guest post by Jamie Rickles

I was bored and surfing the movies available on the Direct TV that I got from when I came across “The Time Traveler's Wife”. At first I wasn't expecting much out of this movie, but I was definitely wrong. After two minutes I was glued to the screen. It was cool to be able to watch it at home and not have to spend the ridiculous money on theater tickets. This movie gave a touch to time travel that I've never seen done in movies before. Most time travel movies are all about changing the past or future through some form of scientific way. In this movie the main character has no choice but to travel through time. An interesting genetic make-up that is passed down through the family forces him to time travel at the most interesting times.

The story is about him and a woman that he falls in love with. He meets her from the future when she was only a little girl. He finds out that in her time, he is about the same age as her and when she falls in love with him, he goes back to tell her how to find him and what to talk about. Their relationship grows to marriage, and even though he wasn't present at his wedding, his future self was, the movie gives you plenty of twist and turns to follow. It's a movie you have to keep your eyes on or you will miss something.

Through an interesting spin of going backward and forward in time, these two lovers find themselves loving each other as much as wanting his “gift” to go away. The spiral leads though pregnancy and much more more. If you want an interesting love story that will also have the guys as in to the movie as the girls are then this is a movie you will want to see.

4th month birthday

Happy 4th month birthday our precious baby girl. Mwah...Mommy and Daddy love you so much

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Easy Life With Hughnet

High speed internet is definitely the way to go. As we surf around on the web in our busy lives trying to get ahead, it is nice to know that there is something out there as fast and busy as us. In the web, it is always one click away to know something. I have to admit that I am so dependent on the internet. Because whenever I need directions nor wanted to learn something, all I need to do is fire up my computer and boom there's the information that I need.

With the high speed internet what information we need is there at our fingers for quick access. If you are going to school , searching for the perfect vacation, studying and researching your next business or gathering the information the boss needs first thing that you did not have time for at the office. The internet is such a life saver to everyone. It saves everybody's work. It also provide an accurate details for you.

It is nice to know people like Hughnet are out there to supply us with high speed internet so we can then slow down and enjoy our lives at a slower more sedate pace. I really am amazed with this kind of service rendered. Hughnet has truly made everybody's lives a lot more easier and a lot faster with the internet service they provide. Get your Hughnet high speed internet connection now. And enjoy the easy life on the web.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Work Day Galore

My day is just so busy. We went garage sale this morning and found some stuff to sell. Of course I have not taken pictures of them yet and just in tab. But hopefully one of this days I will find the time to get them listed and see if we got our money back or not. In fact, I still have some items to list tonight. This are items that pictures have been taken already and ready to be posted on the website with some few descriptions on it and the price and they are up to go..Wheewww!. I am just tire right now, I am sleepy because I didn't get much sleep but I really have to get this things done so that it is out of my way.

Education Program Provider

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It is pretty hot outside but we have to get things fix especially with the stuff that we wanted to sell or burn to the burn pile. Right now I really have a bunch of items to list in my store and I am running out of time and I am pretty tired. I also have to do my blogging and after this I have to start packing out stuff for our trip on Sunday. We will be gone for 2 weeks so I have to make sure we the things we need for the days we are in Morgan.

Vans Skate Shoes

Now it's summer time, it is time to get into your Vans skate shoes. Yes they are wonderful and very comfortable to use during this season. They have so many style and colors that are so adorable and will surely love. You can match it with different outfit. Just a pair of jeans and a shirt will look great presentable with vans skate shoes. Most teens loved this style of shoes because they are trendy and it is the in demand product in the market right now. The first time I saw this pair of shoes was when the daughter of our preacher was wearing it and does look absolutely wonderful to her. Would love to have this pair of shoes and wear 'em this summer season. I find it more attractive with a pair of shorts or min skirt with a blouse top. Happy dressing!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mothers Day History

The history of Mother's Day is centuries old and goes back to the times of ancient Greeks, who held festivities to honor Rhea, the mother of the gods. The early Christians celebrated the Mother's festival on the fourth Sunday of Lent to honor Mary, the mother of Christ. Interestingly, later on a religious order stretched the holiday to include all mothers, and named it as the Mothering Sunday. The English colonists settled in America discontinued the tradition of Mothering Sunday because of lack of time. In 1872 Julia Ward Howe organized a day for mothers dedicated to peace. It is a landmark in the history of Mother's Day.In 1907, Anna M. Jarvis (1864-1948), a Philadelphia schoolteacher, began a movement to set up a national Mother's Day in honor of her mother, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis. She solicited the help of hundreds of legislators and prominent businessmen to create a special day to honor mothers. The first Mother's Day observance was a church service honoring Anna's mother. Anna handed out her mother's favorite flowers, the white incarnations, on the occasion as they represent sweetness, purity, and patience. Anna's hard work finally paid off in the year 1914, when President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday in May as a national holiday in honor of mothers.

Slowly and gradually the Mother's day became very popular and gift giving activity increased. All this commercialization of the Mother's day infuriated Anna as she believed that the day's sentiment was being sacrificed at the expense of greed and profit.

Regardless of Jarvis's worries, Mother's Day has flourished in the United States. Actually, the second Sunday of May has become the most popular day of the year. Although Anna may not be with us but the Mother's day lives on and has spread to various countries of the world. Many countries throughout the world celebrate Mother's Day at various times during the year, but some such as Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia, and Belgium also celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May.

Beautifeel Shoes

Oh girl! when it comes to shoes, I am up and moving. I just love shoes and I will collect shoes as many as I want. I do not know what's with shoes but I just love collecting them and they are very adorable to watch. Yes, I only have specific shoes that I use in some occasions but most of my shoes were just stored in my closet and some of them were not even worn once. My husband always tells me to get rid of some of shoes especially the shoes that I do not wear or the shoes that I am not going to wear. I said, no because I love my shoes and they will just stay in my closet and will eventually wear them one day. When I see my shoes in my closet I always have this beautifeel shoes and just love seeing them lined up in my shoe rack. I know girls out there could relate what I am talking about and well this is really a girl thing.
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