Thursday, March 24, 2011

Same Old Same Old

It's been how many days that I haven't updated my blog but I am back. Things are still the same around the house. Doing the same thing everyday and enjoying taking good care of my daughter. Can't believe she has grown a lot and right now she can pretty much do whatever she wants all by herself. Oh where did the time go. I love watching her growth and development everyday and my husband and I truly proud of her.

It's Official Spring Is Here

Officially spring season is here. It is nice to the sun is and warm outside. There is only one thing this means it is time to go out and enjoy. I love it when spring is here because you can do everything when it is warm outside. It is like nothing is holding you back to do something and get it done quick.

Speaking of which for sure Adirondack Chairs are now put out in the garden area. Also Picnic Tables are also gonna be around as well as Park Benches. This Site Furnishings really marked the official beginning of spring season. Surely people now starts buying flowering plants to plant in their garden and see it blooms everyday. We always do that here in house, we always go shopping for different plants during this season.

I am pretty sure students are also looking forward on their spring break. Yes it's that time of the year that students love because they got a break from school. Truly this season do so much for us people. It does brings true freedom on whatever we want to do. Surroundings is getting prettier now too because trees are starting to bloom.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Watching TV Mode

Watching TV mode right now particularly The Filipino Channel ( TFC ). I need to catch up with my soap opera. I have been missing some episodes because of the weather. I always lose the networks signal everytime the weather is bad. Right it is just fine so hopefully it will cooperate til my shows are over.

Have a good one everyone!

Basketball Season

Now the football season is over here comes the basketball season. I am excited to watch different states fighting again for the price. It's not that I don't like football but I like basketball better. Probably because I understand the game more and the thrill is there. I cannot wait for their play off game.

I look forward to see Pittsburgh panthers mens basketball. I wonder if they will rein this time. Also Texas longhorns mens basketball is gonna playing and hoping they will make it too. Actually I follow 4 teams during the season. The first two I mentioned are my power team and my bet to win.

I also love to see going forward is the Georgia tech yellow jackets mens basketball as well as the Baylor bears mens basketball. They are great teams and very powerful in the court. Would be great if I could see them play live but that's still not within the budget. Watching it on TV is still worth it and could still follow the basketball season.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Storage Wars

This is one of my favorite shows right now " storage wars ". Actually its me and my husbands favorite. This show is about an abandoned storage units and get auctioned to interested buyers. There are 4 major buyer who normally fight for the unit that they want. Some has the money to do it but some just pisses somebody else. I like the concept of the show. It is very interesting and very entertaining. This show is aired every Wednesday at A&E channel at 9 in the evening. I am excited to see their new episodes starting Wednesday. The picture on the upper right are the major bidders and at the middle is the host of the show and an auctioneer.

Blogging And Direct TV Combine

Blogging is one of my recreation since I moved here in the states. This is something i could enhance my writing skills and shares my thoughts with my readers. This is not only for improving what I have already learn but I can also earn an extra income by just writing something. Yes you'll get compensated by it. I did realize that blogging and watching television could go well.

Yes that's what I do most of the time because i could some idea on television to blog about. For example my favorite shows or I have watched something that I feel like sharing it to my readers. Of course I choose Direct TV for my television network. A Satellite TV that satisfies my entertainment need. I can even watch my Filipino soap from it.

Even if I am a stay at home mom, I still enjoy being home. I can still contribute to our finances and at the same time I take care of the house. At first it was a huge adjustment for me but in the long run I am loving it. Thanks to my blogging and Direct TV who's there me all the time. So don't get bored and explore.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Secret Millionaire On ABC

They are one of the recipients of the $20,000 donation of a millionaire on the episode "secret millionaire" aired last Sunday on ABC. It was awesome and I have really waited long for that show to come in. This 2 women just continue helping their community and feeding them to their best ability. They have grown old to help their community and it is a very good trait. They were so happy receiving a help from the said millionaire and they said " imagine how many people gets fed with this amount". That was a very heart warming show last Sunday and I do look forward to their succeeding episodes.

Vacation In Barcelona

We all know when spring summer season comes it means vacation time. This is the time of the year again that people go for a trip. I do look forward on spring summer season because this will be the time that my husband and I starts planning for a vacation. Also, it is my birthday month when spring hits so it always a blast when this season comes. No plans set yet on where to go for a vacation but I have heard so much about Barcelona.

According to travelers review that it is a very nice place and very romantic. Just hearing the comments of the people who already went there is very inspiring. Getting to Barcelona would be a dream come true. You don't even have to worry about getting there because they provide a Barcelona travel guide. This is awesome.

The guide will be able to help you the beautiful scenic view in Barcelona. You will for sure enjoy your stay in their Holidays Rentals or Barcelona Apartments that provides what you need. Now this is really getting more exciting to see this beautiful place. I thought it would be hard but providing this great information in getting there makes me more anxious to plan for a trip. See for yourself too.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

TV Time

Watching undercover boss right now. This time they had the Mayor of Cincinnati to go undercover and see if his people are doing their job right. I am getting excited on what the outcome is going to be. I wonder if somebody will recognize his disguise image since everybody knows him in their city.

Then at 10pm to night is the airing of the "secret millionaire". Been waiting on this show and finally its here. I am also excited to know what's their first episode going to be. I really applaud those millionaire who extend their hands to help people who are in need. No wonder they are so blessed because of their good doing.

Poker For Real Money

My husband is now really having fun playing poker online. Well he knew how to play the game since but this time he is just so hooked with it. He is offshore right now but playing poker in his phone keeps him entertained. He was even planning to buy a laptop so that he play his poker game on the boat. I have nothing against it because as long as hubby is enjoying it and so I am.

Poker has been popular for decades now. Most people do it for money and probably you seldom knew somebody who only do it for fun. Well at first they are probably practicing but in the long run they will play it for real money. Some will even enroll in a Professional poker school to do better. Probably they just do good with money when playing this game.

I myself has been hooked too. I only tried once to play it for real money but I have to admit I feel frustrated when I lose. My husband told me that it was not unusual to lose on your first try especially that I am just learning the game. Right now I am still playing it but more on practicing so that next time I play for real money I am good at it. I do look forward playing for real money soon.

Friday, March 4, 2011

American Idol - Thia Megia

Truly one of Filipino pride again. She is Thia Megia, 16 years old from Hayward California. She made it to the top 12 of the top rating show American Idol. Hopefully she'll make it all the way through. I have seen her last performance and she is really good. Her voice is amazing and it really sound so good when you hear it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Driving now

Get to drive all by myself today, sweet! it was fun and I was really getting confident on the wheel. I know it takes a lot of practice to get use to it and I am up to that. I will try my very best to get used driving. I am just happy that I can help my hubby more in running our errands especially when his offshore. I went to town this morning and my driving went fine. At first I was nervous because nobody is navigating me but I guess you do good more when your all by myself.

Debt Free With Consolidation Loan

Having a debt is always be a part of every human beings life. It is always there and very irresistible. Some people are just very careless and puts them to a bad debt loan standing. Indebted to a certain company or person is tough. It will not only lead you to a bad credit but also it will affect your finances so bad.

If you are buried in your debts then you need help. Debt consolidation is the answer because they help everyone who is indebted and losing hope to be a debt free individual. They offer consolidation loans that will help you shorten or lower your payment to a certain debt. They could lessen the period and help you face it to be debt free. This will also prevent you from receiving harassing calls from collectors.

They have a team that will give you debt consolidation advice to help out opt some of your debts. They will walk you through the process and help you get back to financial freedom. This kind of process is something to consider especially when bad debts strikes. We all know it not easy to face it and a very stressful one to our finances. It is always best to seek help to professionals.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drivers License On Hand

The constant practice plus determination and aggressiveness has paid off - drivers license is now on hand. I was so happy when I passed my road test yesterday. I was nervous and was losing focus but I thank God for guiding me and putting myself back together. Now I can drive and this morning I took hubby to work. That was amazing, we gained another 4 hours going to the office before going aboard. I am so looking forward picking him up when he gets off.

HCG Diet

People always complain about gaining weight whenever they eat. Yes eating is fun but eating inappropriately can cause you to gain more weight. The hardship of losing the weight you have gained is very tough. It requires self determination and discipline to succeed. Some will even go through depression or losing his/her self esteem because of the gained weight.

Good thing our technology nowadays has truly evolved. They have now some scientific concept to lose weight easily and comfortably. Example is the HCG Diet. This might interest you if losing weight is on your top list. Their goal is not really selling their product but by helping you lose weight and achieve the body you would like.

When you visit their website you will see all the testimonies of their consumers who are very pleased using the HCG Diet. This product is proudly USA made and monitored by the FDA to ensure that it exceeds the good manufacturing practice. This alone is good enough proof that the product is very effective and genuine. It is for both men and women and a natural organic substance that need not to be injected but drops. Isn't that easy and hassle free? Try it now!
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