Thursday, November 26, 2009

AntiVirus 2010

I always freak out whenever my computer is messing up with me. The first thing in my mind is, oh my goodness, it must be virus again. Yes, I have been attacked by so many viruses in my computer and thankfully I survived fixing it but there was really a time when I don't have any control in the situation and all I can do is stare on my computer. It's like, hopefully the next time I turn this thing on, everything goes back to normal..Lol! But of course that's not the end result as always. Computers that are infected by virus is really a pain in the butt especially if you not a computer geek. Aside from it takes time to fix it, it is also expensive. If I am not mistaken, I had to bring my computer to an authorized technician 3 times this year already. Good thing it is still under warranty or else I'll end up broke from the expenses incurred in fixing it. The technician had always recommended an updated antivirus with antispyware. But I am hard headed sometimes. To me, as soon as my computer is back working, then I'll forget about everything they said. Sooner I have learned my lesson and did what they recommend to do. So far my computer is working fine and I get to do the things I need to do in a daily basis with my computer. Now, the antivirus that I have purchased is about to expired and I am currently looking for a new and updated antivirus for my computer. I have heard about Norton and I think it has a wide range of features that will protect my computer from any virus and spyware. And I also think that this is much better than the antivirus I am using right now. I will definitely not wait til my current antivirus will expire and will just go ahead and download Norton Antivirus 2010.

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