Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holy Week

Holy Week is the final week of Jesus Christ's life, most tragic yet the most triumphal part of His life.Christians observe it is a week of devout observance, commemorating the Passion and Jesus' death on the cross.

Origins of Holy week
Early Holy Week observances began in Jerusalem in the earliest days of the Church, when devout Christians travelled to Jerusalem to reenact events of the week leading to Christ's Resurrection. In the Christian calendar, holy week precedes the sacred Christian festival of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday. The term "Holy Week" is a recent innovation, but the annual observance of the festivals are of ancient origin.

Significance of Holy week
Holy Week is a very sacred part of the Christian calendar, when Christians observe the death and resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ who takes away the sins of the world. Purpose of Holy Week is to reenact, relive, and feel the passion of Jesus Christ. Important days of Holy week are named Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. In the Eastern Church, it is called the "Great week".

Palm Sunday
On Palm Sunday, accompanied by his disciples, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a colt, while crowds of people covered the streets ahead of him with their cloaks and with palm branches symbolizing victory. Many churches observe Palm Sunday services with large palm branches being carried in processions.

Tradeshow Banner Stands

One of the most effective marketing strategy for businesses is tradeshow banner stands. Yes this is very visible to every individual. You will notice some of them when you are in the mall. I can still remember when I was still working before. If we plan for a marketing activity for the month. I normally send letter to our suppliers to sponsor our tradeshow banner stands cost. We are fortunate that they always contribute and very supportive. Well, we are promoting their product for them, so it reasonable enough for them to help.

Mountain Climbing Season

How I wish we are having our vacation in the Philippines right now. You know why? Because it is the mountain climbing season. Yes, during the holy week many mountaineers would plan for a mountain climbing trip to different mountains in the Philippines. I can still remember 4 years ago when I celebrated my 26th birthday at the peak of Mt. Matutum in General Santos City. It was very challenging and very memorable to me. It was my first time and it was very worth it and I had so much fun. Hopefully we can do that again and of course by that time hubby's gonna be with us..Yipey!

Personal Business Cards

My husband told me once that I should start ordering some personal business cards. I said why? and is it really necessary? He said yes. But I wasn't really paying attention when he said that because I see no reasons why. But then later on I started needing it because of our small business and we all know if you are in a business, you need a detailed contact of your business to promote it. So I then told hubby thank you for consistently reminding me that I needed some.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Service

The service was great today as always. God is so good. I feel so blessed and thankful for all the graces and blessings that God has given us. God truly is a father who make sure his children are in God hands. Have faith in God all the time, trust him, love him, praise him and adore him. To God be the glory.

Travel Trailers For Summer Season

Spring / Summer is almost here or probably almost here. Well, I said that because there are days that the weather is so cold and it feels like it is still winter. But anyway, as I said the camping, fishing and biking season is here and most of our family and friends are now planning where to go. Well I would do the if given the chance but normally we just stay home during summer time. We are content just staying in the front porch. But for those who are fond of traveling during this season, you can use some help with travel trailers. This is very convenient on your part because you can store some stuff that you will be needing during your outing. You can even have an instant mini hotel to get comfortable with at night. So you may want to check or plan in buying one.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our 2 months old baby

Update on our precious daughter Addie Mae. She just turned 2 months old Wednesday March 17, 2010. This day was also her WIC appointment. They weighed her in and measured. She is now weighing 11.4 pounds and 21 1/4 inches long. Wow! how is that. We are so proud..Hehehehe..So far she is doing well. She is growing healthy and my God when it comes to eating, she eats like an old man..Lol but this is her now.

She loved her swing. She could sleep for hours on the swing. Just make sure the music is on and it is swinging or else she's not happy with it..Lol..We are so proud with her because she sleeps longer at night now. In the morning she would wake up every 2-3 hours to eat and change her diapers but when it comes to bedtime she could sleep for 5-6 hours straight. I'm glad she's able to manage her sleep during the night now, then momma could get some sleep too..Hehehehehe..That's it for now. Have a good one everyone!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yard Sale Today

Had another yard sale today and I think they made a decent money today. Probable if not for the weather, many furniture will sell. But oh well, we can open again next week and hopefully the weather will cooperate. Spring is almost here though. You can tell because the trees are starting to blossom.

California Sex Offenders

Big cities has the tendency to have more criminals than the smaller cities. One of the most scary criminal records in the states are sex offenders. They are everywhere or even just around the corner of your house. This is very alarming especially if you have kids. Bigger cities are more prone to this sex offenders like in California, that's why they have launch a website for an accurate information to locate sex offenders in the are or nearby. This is the california sex offender. In here all you have to do is enter your zip code and you will be redirected to the information you need. Be aware, be cautious and protect your children from this sex offenders. Find it now!

Lazy Saturday

The day yesterday was very nice but today it is quite chilly. Didn't really do much today and just trying to get some rest. Lately I have not gotten any sleep and was trying to clean our living room and kitchen. Hopefully I will get it done any day this week. What I only did today is give the baby her bath and I was also planning to do our laundry and so far I have not done it yet..Lol. I still have to fold the baby's clothes in the laundry basket then probably I could start our laundry but if not, maybe tomorrow..Hehehehe..Have great evening everyone.

Modular home options

Nowadays, it is hard to purchase a house and lot because it is very expensive and the mortgage payment is very high every month. It could ruin your monthly budget because most of your money will go to your monthly mortgage. With this situation, especially in this recession time, many people are switching to modular home plans. This is something that is livable but at the same time the monthly payment is very affordable. All you are needing is a lot to put the modular home is. This is already build and all you will be doing is the maintenance. This is such a great option especially for those who are planning to live on there own.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Purchasing a phone

Been busy looking for a new phone today and I think I found one. I am planning to buy a blackberry curve cell phone and hopefully I will like it lol..I will send my old phone to my mom in the Philippines as promised and I hope she will like it too. Well, that has been the update today guys. Have a good one.

Discount Wedding Invitations

As I have mentioned before that my cousin is getting married on September. We were thinking on what to give her as wedding present but of course she already has a list for me to choose on what to get her.Lol..We were planning to book them to a resort but this plan may change. But speaking of her wedding, I was wondering if she already has some wedding invitation purchase because if not I will have her check for some discount wedding invitations in the internet. This way she can save some money but at the same time could get a very neat and unique wedding invitations.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our Day

Our day went just fine. We woke up early and went garage sale. We left the baby to grandpa because grandma and I and papa went out for a garage sale. We found some neat items to sell on Ebay and hopefully we will get our money back..Lol..Well I have not listed what we have bought though because I was so tired and sleepy, so I took the rest of the day sleeping and just doing nothing..Hehehehe!

Safe and Secure

Driving a vehicle that you do not own is a bit risky on your part. Yeah, we are talking about insurance here. As we all know if we drove a vehicle we don't own, we are not covered as well. But we worry no more because short term insurance is now in the market. It is a great help to individual to insure himself while on a road with a different vehicle. This is a 1-28 days coverage. For a short span of time, you are well secured, well covered and absolutely affordable. Get it now for your safety.

Mobile-phone networks vie for the Apple iPad

APPLE executives will jet into Britain this week for crunch talks with mobile-phone companies over which network will sign up its iPad tablet computer. The gadget giant said last week that its new device will go on sale in America from April 3 and come to Britain later in the month. However, unlike in 2007 when O2 was selected as the network for its iPhone, Apple is not expected to choose a single provider this time. Even so, because of the buzz and data revenues that Apple’s popular devices generate, Vodafone, Orange and O2 — all of which now carry the iPhone — are particularly anxious not to be left behind. The iPad is expected to build on the early success of e-readers from Sony and Amazon. It has already signed deals with publishers including Hachette, Harper Collins and Penguin to sell digital versions of their books.

Lengthy talks have also been held with film studios and newspaper publishers to provide downloadable versions of their content to the device. Sources say that mobile-phone carriers have already had preliminary discussions about the iPad with Apple but nothing has been decided on price. In contrast to other handset makers, Apple commands up to 30% of data revenues from the networks, as well as a share of sales of the 150,000 applications downloaded from its App Store. Because iPhone customers consume three times as much data as other mobile users, O2’s network struggled to cope with demand. Talks are scheduled to run into next week. Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, is not part of the delegation. Sales of the iPad are forecast to start slowly. Morgan Stanley, the investment bank, has the most bullish prediction, pencilling in 6m sales in 2010. That compares with 52.4m iPods and 25.1m iPhones sold by Apple worldwide in the past year.

Life Saver

Having such a hard time finding your files? duplicate files vista is the answer to your problem. This is a life saver to every individual. It will help you to search for and delete duplicate data in a safe way on your PC or laptop. For example, photo files, music (mp3) files, excel, etc. I can probably use this because most of the time I end up looking for my duplicate files on my laptop and at times it pisses me off because aside from I can't find it, it is taking most of time and got no work done. So this is definitely a helping hand for me while I'm working on my stuff.

2010 Lincon Penny

I was amazed when my husband showed me the new 2010 Lincoln penny with a union shield design on reverse side. I though they have already stopped producing new pennies after the tribute they've did to President Lincoln last year 2009. But of course I already got some for our collection. Here's some information for this new coin.

The 2010 Lincoln Cent will debut a brand new reverse design for the long running series. This will mark the seventh reverse design used on the Lincoln Cent since its introduction in 1909. The first design used from 1909 to 1958 featured a pair of wheat ears. The second design used from 1959 to 2008 featured a view of the Lincoln Memorial. The next four reverse designs were issued during 2009 to represent the different stages of Abraham Lincoln’s life. The design to be used from 2010 onwards will feature the union shield.

The union shield features thirteen vertical stripes joined by a single horizontal bar at the top with the inscription “E Pluribus Unum” (Out of many one). This symbolizes the original thirteen states joined together in a single compact union. A scroll appears across the shield with the denomination “One Cent” and “United States of America” appears above the shield.

Short Film Accessibility

Are you a film maker or desiring to be? This is your chance to shine with mobile video content. This is something you wanted to get started with. You can make short film, features and other premium video content for mobile distribution. As we all know nowadays, mobiles plays a big role in every persons life and through this you will be recognize immediately and your film will be known. Mobile distribution for a film content is a brilliant idea and a brilliant source of becoming famous.


I am really confused right now. I wasn't expecting that birth control is very expensive and for sure it will affect our budget every month since we are still paying of what we owe from giving birth. I do not know what to do now, I thought taking this route will ease up my fear of getting pregnant again but it made me more confused and asked myself if I really did the right thing. It is also our communication because in the first place my hubby is against with this birth control pills and I still go for it. Now, it the cause of an argument. Hopefully we can fix this.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Moving Company

If you are within the Los Angeles are and are planning to move, you will definitely need Moving Company Los Angeles. This is the company you need in moving to one place to the other. With their service, they are excellent in giving their full heart to their job and satisfy their clients all the time. You can even get a free quote when you visit their website. Awesome! This way you will know how much you are going to spend and surely it is very affordable and very worth to spend every dime. They offer a wide variety of local moving services that are designed to get you from point A to point B with as little headache as possible. So if you're in the process of moving, give them a call today for a free estimate.

2010 New Lincoln Union Shield Design

The 2010 Lincoln Cent will debut a brand new reverse design for the long running series. This will mark the seventh reverse design used on the Lincoln Cent since its introduction in 1909. The first design used from 1909 to 1958 featured a pair of wheat ears. The second design used from 1959 to 2008 featured a view of the Lincoln Memorial. The next four reverse designs were issued during 2009 to represent the different stages of Abraham Lincoln’s life. The design to be used from 2010 onwards will feature the union shield.

The union shield features thirteen vertical stripes joined by a single horizontal bar at the top with the inscription “E Pluribus Unum” (Out of many one). This symbolizes the original thirteen states joined together in a single compact union. A scroll appears across the shield with the denomination “One Cent” and “United States of America” appears above the shield.

The same legislation that created the four different 2009 Lincoln Cent reverse designs, also provided for the new reverse design to be issued starting in 2010. This final design is intended to be emblematic of President Lincoln’s preservation of the United States as a single and united country. The selection of the union shield design was officially announced by the United States Mint on November 12, 2009. Read more about the union shield reverse design.

Be Aware!

Sex offenders are very common in the states. They are everywhere especially in the community to where children are present. Yes their victim are those poor children who has no idea of what a sex offender is capable of. As parents, we are very concern if there are sex offenders in our area or near by areas. Of course we wanted to protect our child from them. One of our nearby state is Alabama. We are wondering if some alabama sex offender are in our area already since it is the closer city. With this concern, we will be more vigilant to our surroundings and especially with strangers. We will make sure that we will teach our child not to talk to strangers.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Wednesday

I am so glad happy is home. We have missed each other so much. He also misses our little girl and he was very glad seeing us yesterday. Our little one is in the crib right now and letting me know she is ready to eat or ready to change her diaper..Lol..So guys I will be back because she is now crying.

Mississippi bankruptcy records

I have not filed for any bankruptcy yet. I am not to that point yet either. We are living pretty decent and so far things are going smoothly. But we know sometimes, circumstances occur in an unexpected especially with our economy right now. It is good to know that we can immediately know some details just in case we reach the point of declaring bankruptcy. This is the Mississippi bankruptcy records . It contains full details of the information you need. Just go to the website and fill up the required information they need in order to bring up the information you've wanted.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Bachelor Finale

It's the finale of The Bachelor tonight and I am watching it right now. I am very curious who is he going to choose to be his wife. Would like him to choose timly. Oh they look so good together and I like the timly's attitude compare to vienna. She from the beginning was hated by some other girls. I just hope Jake chooses the right woman for him this time.

Boot Barn Coupons

I so love to collect different kinds of shoes. Whether it is flat, high heeled, boots, flip flops and more. Hubby is always telling me just buy the shoes that you'll gonna wear but I am not like that. I love collecting shoes and whenever I see one that I will like, I will definitely like it and it will be part of my shoe collection right away. I should post a picture of shoe collection over here so that you guys could see how many I have. Would love to collect more especially boot barn. I think it is so trendy and very sophisticated if it is worn. Would love to have a pair of them but it is quite expensive. I think it is a bad news though but the good news is I found some boot barn coupons which puts me to possibility of buying a pair anytime soon.

Pounding Some Weight

This is her now..Hehehehehe..She is now weighing 10 pounds 2! I can't believe she has gain so much weight for the past week. But of course her daddy and I are so proud and happy because she is growing healthy and pounding some weight. I can't wait til her next doctors appointment to see if she has gain more weight.

Ink Cartridges Coupon

I can't believe that ink cartridges right now are soaring high on their prices. It is such a pain in the pocket whenever I run out of ink cartridge at times. Good thing I could get some printer ink coupon to save some buck whenever I need one. As you can see, I use my printer all the time and an ink cartridge for me will only last for a week, so then I spent a lot on my ink cartridges. Having a coupon will help me save some money and at the same time I can still have my ink cartridges for my work at home.
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