Tuesday, November 24, 2009

OBGYN's Appointment

I went to my OBGYN's appointment yesterday and everything went well. They gave me swine flu shot yesterday. Thank God I finally got it. I was worried that they may not have the vaccine again but I'm glad they have. They also drew some blood for my glucose test and still waiting for the result. My doctor told me if there is any complications with the test they will just call me but if not I will just see her on the next appointment which is a couple of weeks from now. Yes, since my appointment yesterday, my appointment will be every 2 weeks now which is good because they can monitor more about my pregnancy. My doctor said that Ady Mae is doing good and guess what I gained so much wait..Waaaaah! Oh well, it's for our baby so there is nothing to worry about it. That is all the happening yesterday and I am glad it went well. Have a great Tuesday morning!

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