Friday, January 29, 2010

Amid Super Bowl hoopla, fight over 'Who Dat'

Who owns "Who Dat?"

Some T-shirt makers are asking that question after they were hit with cease-and-desist letters from the NFL demanding that they stop selling shirts with the traditional cheer of New Orleans Saints fans. The National Football League says the shirts infringe on a legal trademark it owns. Separately, two brothers and longtime Saints fans claim they own the phrase, which was around before the long-downtrodden team's inception in 1966. The chant _ "Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints" _ is often shortened to "Who Dat" on shirts and signs and has been a mainstay at the Superdome since the 1980s. Saints fans, still jubilant after the Saints' win over the Minnesota Vikings for their first Super Bowl appearance, have voiced their dismay on radio talk shows, blogs and Web site posts. Many say it's something that simply can't be owned. "How can they put a trademark on something that's been around for 150 years?" said Robert Lauricella, a 50-year-old oil field sales representative. "Just because the Saints have made the Super Bowl, why does everybody have to make a buck?"

Shirts bearing the Saints cheer are big business as the team prepares for the big game against the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV on Feb. 7 in Miami. Lauren Thom, owner of the Fleurty Girl T-shirt shop in New Orleans, said Thursday that she recently received a letter from the NFL demanding that she quit selling "Who Dat" shirts. "I don't mind paying royalties," Thom said. "I just don't know who owns 'Who Dat' or whether it's in the public domain." The NFL doesn't cut much slack when it believes it owns a trademark. This case is no exception. In an e-mail, league spokesman Brian McCarthy said the NFL has sent a handful of letters in the past year asking vendors to stop selling "Who Dat" merchandise. The unlicensed shirts led fans to believe the Saints endorsed the product, he said. "This helps protect the local businesses that are selling legitimate Saints merchandise and also the local printers that are making the licensed Saints apparel," he said. Meanwhile, WhoDat Inc., controlled by longtime Saints fans and brothers Sal and Steve Monistere, also claims rights to the phrase. In 1983, Steve Monistere produced the song "Who Dat Say They Gonna Beat Dem Saints" with Aaron Neville and several Saints players.

In a statement Thursday, WhoDat Inc. said that before that recording, there were no branded items with the motto. The brothers said the company has the only federal trademark for "Who Dat." Steve Monistere said he and his brother were at the Saints' first game in 1967 and have been fans through all the ups and downs _ mostly downs, of course. Storyville shop co-owner Gabriel Harvey pulled his "Who Dat" shirts after getting letters from the NFL and WhoDat Inc. "It seems unclear who, if anyone, owns it," Harvey said. "A lot of people believe it belongs to the city and the people." Two members of Louisiana's congressional delegation _ Republican Sen. David Vitter and Democratic Congressman Charlie Melancon _ took public umbrage at the NFL.
Vitter wrote NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, urging the league to concede that "Who Dat" is in the public domain. Otherwise, Vitter said he will print and sell T-shirts with "WHO DAT say we can't print Who Dat!" on them. "Please either drop your present ridiculous position or sue me," Vitter wrote. Melancon provided a link _ headed "No One Owns WHO DAT" _ on his Twitter page to a petition encouraging the NFL to back off. The "Who Dat" chant's origins are somewhat murky. Some historians say it came about in the days of late 19th-century minstrel shows and later showed up in vaudeville routines. In 1937's "A Day at the Races," the Marx Brothers perform a number _ in blackface _ called "Who Dat Man." "Who Dat" also is used in a 1938 MGM cartoon _ now seldom seen because of its racially offensive nature _ called "Swing Wedding," which featured frog caricatures of black entertainers such as Ethel Waters, the Mills Brothers, Louis Armstrong and Cab Calloway. It's been yelled at high school and college games, and fans of the Cincinnati Bengals are known to chant "Who Dey?" Glenn Lunney, a Tulane University Law School professor specializing in intellectual property, said a trademark is different from a copyright or patent and doesn't necessarily have to be original. For example, computer and iPod manufacturer Apple trademarked the familiar, centuries-old fruit, he said. "You can take a word and by applying it to goods or services get people to think about your goods or services," and get commercial rights, he said. The NFL would likely argue it has a valid trademark because "Who Dat" is so strongly associated with the Saints, he said. In a similar case, bookstores around the University of Wisconsin sold "Bucky Badger" T-shirts royalty-free for years _ until the university trademarked the mascot itself in the late 1980s and won its case in court, Lunney said. As for Thom, she said several New Orleans attorneys have offered free legal help. And how about the WhoDat Inc. guys? They "were nice" about the situation, Thom said _ "they said we should market the shirts together and make more money together."

Real Online Degrees

I have been getting calls from different universities here in the states. They were offering me an online degree if ever I have the interest in going back to school. Yes I do have but not right at this moment. Probably when our baby is old enough, i might take the option in going back to school. Their packages are really interesting though but sometimes it makes me think if it is really a real online degrees. Well, I can't help it not to give them the benefit of the doubt because there are so many scams around. I did check them online and so far they are legit but I just don't have the time right now. I just gave birth to our first child and as a first time mom I want to be there in every growth development of my child. But who knows one day, if I all the time in the world, I would definitely go back to school and get another degree.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Orleans mayor needs a Super Bowl ticket

Wouldn't you think the politically correct NFL would take care of two key politicians for the Super Bowl? Specifically, with game tickets for the mayors of the two cities sending teams? That's not the case for New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, whose said his best bet to attend so far is paying $800 for a seat in the nosebleed section. That prompted Nagin to tell radio station WBOK "I'll have to bring a handkerchief." The $800 ticket will come from the Saints' block of tickets, if Nagin goes that route. Nagin said he was surprised no one accounted for the mayors. "But I just thought that as mayor of the city I would go to the (Super Bowl) as a representative of the city and of the Saints, and it wouldn't be an issue," the mayor said. "But maybe they've got some things they've got to work out, so we'll see. I'm hopeful that it's going to work out." Added Nagin: "Some people seem to forget I come from the business environment . . . So I got contacts at ESPN, USA TODAY, you name it. So I'm going to work it out." Sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Mayor, but you have a better chance of being elected the king of Poland than finding an extra ticket kicking around our offices.

Auto Shop Repair Service

When your vehicle breaks down, who do you go to? Of course you will be looking for an auto body repair service to fix your vehicle. Isn't it amazing nowadays that certain services are offered now and all you have to do is pay some buck. Our world has really evolved to a more easy and convenient lifestyle. You can even search it online and in just one click..Boom! there it is.. So having repair shops around is very helpful and makes our life a lot more easier. I can still remember when I saw a vehicle beside the road and the owner was just standing and waiting for some help for his vehicles. We even helped somebody one time because his car breaks down in the middle of the road. Good thing he knew an auto shop repair service but I cannot imagine the hassle his going to deal if he don't. That's why I always tell my husband to make sure he knew an auto shop repair service.

Chemicals found in household products may affect women's fertility

Chemicals found in sofas, chairs, electronics, carpet padding and other household items have been linked to delayed fertility in women, the Los Angeles Times reported this week. The chemicals are PBDEs, or polybrominated diphenyl ethers, a flame retardant used for four decades that is being phased out nationwide with certain PBDEs banned outright. The chemicals are still contained in products that were made before 2004, and studies indicate that they can leach out and be transmitted in household dust. PBDEs also are found in food, particularly dairy products and higher-fat meat and fish. The paper said that the medical journal Environmental Health Perspectives studied 223 pregnant women and found those with the highest concentration of PBDEs in their blood were likely to experience a longer delay in becoming pregnant. Each 10-fold increase in blood concentration of PBDEs was linked to a 30% decrease in the likelihood of becoming pregnant each month.

Travel, Travel, Travel

My husband and I likes to travel a lot. We are fond of sight seeing and enjoy every scenic view we saw. I can still remember when we travel to Kansas, it was awesome1. It was tiring though because it was a 14 hour drive from the house. The views are very awesome and our travel was very memorable. It was a great vacation for us because we thought that our trip back to Kansas has brought to a new member in our family. Yes, we think I got pregnant in Kansas. I just kinda worried when go on a travel because anything may happen. What if the vehicle will just break down in the middle of the road or need some repair in the middle of nowhere. Oh my, I'll go crazy with that. We are planning to go to Ontario one day and I was kinda worried again with the maintenance of the truck but thankfully there are auto body ontario shops now in the area. This is a huge relief. Now I won't be a worry wart no more for this planned travel one day.

Apple shares slide in wake of iPad launch

Apple shares were down 4 percent at $199.62 on Thursday afternoon on the Nasdaq. The company's stock often sells off following major product announcements. Separately, Nokia Oyj said it gained share in the smartphone market, while analysts said Apple's iPhone lost some ground against its competitors. The iPad is a thin and light, 9.7-inch touchscreen device good for Web browsing, video, games and electronic books. Chief Executive Steve Jobs formally introduced the product at a high-profile media event on Wednesday after months of rumors that helped propel Apple's shares to an all-time high earlier in January. The device will start at $499, a price point much lower than expected and which was well-received by analysts. But Apple is positioning the iPad as a "third category" device -- somewhere between laptops and smartphones -- and demand is still uncertain. "On balance, we view the iPad as a modest disappointment relative to expectations/rumors around features, although the relatively low entry level price was an upside surprise," Sanford Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi wrote in a research note. He said Apple could sell 5 million units in the first year, with a potential earnings-per-share contribution of 28 cents. He said the device will be most attractive to consumers interested in netbooks and electronic readers, and does not expect it to cannibalize Apple's Macbook laptops. Analysts also pointed out that the iPad does not support Adobe Systems Inc's widely used Flash format, so there may be compatibility issues with certain websites, and that it does not have a camera. Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitzes said Apple's product announcement came in largely as expected. "However, the pricing is much more attractive than expected and clearly shows that Apple desires mass market appeal," he wrote in a note. Reitzes estimated Apple will ship 2.9 million units in fiscal 2010 and 7.3 million in fiscal 2011. He raised his price target to $285 from $265. Oppenheimer & Co analyst Yair Reiner issued a more modest sales forecast of 1.1 million units in fiscal 2010 and 4 million in 2011. Reiner also took his price target to $265 from $255. "It won't happen overnight, but in time, we believe that what looks today like a big iPhone or an amputated netbook or a souped-up photo frame will be revealed as a revolutionary new media device," Reiner wrote.

Postal Service

Our church members are planning to throw a baby shower for our little one next month. As a gratitude, My husband and I has already bought some thank you cards to sent after the baby shower. We were thinking how to send it in bulk so that we do not have to pay each card. Good thing we have a postcard mailing services in our area which gives a lot of option and an easier way to send to those card to the designated person who will facilitate the baby shower. We are so thankful with our church family because they treat us very nicely and loved us unconditionally. I know they will love our little one, the same as how they love us.


I didn't get much sleep again. My little one is awake very early this morning and so is momma and papa of course. We finally went to bed around 4am and got at least a 4 hour sleep. She got up around 8am and wanted to be changed and fed. Wheewww!!Parenthood is really an exciting job. Right now I think I am about to pass out..Lol..Well I might take a nap shortly when my show is over.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flavored Cigars

When we are preparing for my delivery day, my husband told me to buy an "it's a girl" cigar. I wasn't aware about this tradition here in the states but I find it so cute and very unique. A father has to give away cigars as well as bubble gum to friends and family for the good health of the baby. That is what my husband did when our baby was born. It really amazed me with this tradition because do not have this in the Philippines and I really find it so unique and very memorable. They have kept 3 sticks of cigars soaked in a wine bottle and after 18 years, the father, the grandfather and the husband to be has to smoke the cigars! Sweet! I am really impressed with this kind of product. When I was looking for this cigars, I even found a flavored cigars aside from the ones I was looking for.

Back again

Just done giving our little one her bath. Oh boy! she hates being in the water but I know soon it will change and will enjoy being in the water. She is back to sleep again after I feed her so I am here once again writing some updates. Hehehehe! She sounded asleep and I just love watching her. My daughter is so precious and I enjoy every minute with her. I can't wait for the day that we could talk to her and she could talk back, Oh boy that would be wonderful. I also enjoy watching the bonding she have with her daddy..Hehehehe..I love watching them together. Oh I didn't know that motherhood is a tough but very worth it job. I am very happy and very satisfied with it and I sure am enjoying.

Going Back To School As An Option

I thought about going to school before. I was really on the process of researching in which school to go to, but it was stopped because of financial matter. Given a chance to go back to school would be awesome but I doubt it right now because I just gave birth to our first child. Who knows someday I may be able to go back to school again especially when our little one is able to go school too. Having said so, since it was really one of my plans. I came across this article about Student Accomodation in Leeds. Reading it caught my attention and found a very best deal with it. This is something I can use when I am ready to go back to school. Not just myself but also financially. But with these, it will also help with some of my financial aspect. You may want to check out the link highlighted above and see more details especially when you are planning to go back to school again. Happy browsing!

Miss Blogging!

The baby is asleep right now that's why I have the time to update my blog. It's been so busy here lately since we got home from the hospital. She is 10 days old today and she is doing pretty good. I am just so busy with my baby and with my husband as well. Have to keep my babies well taken care of. Whheewww!! I am not complaining though but instead enjoying every minute of it. I am still adjusting to my new routine..Lol..I will try my best to go back to blogging one of days. I have been idle for how many weeks now and especially the baby is here, my priorities are changed. Wheeww!! Don't get me wrong I miss blogging and I am so thankful for my friends who constantly visits my page. I truly appreciate it guys. I will pay for a visit to your respective pages as soon as I get the chance. Have a great day everyone!

Camping Season Is Fast Approaching

Spring / Summer is almost here. And we know when this season comes, camping is up in the air. Since I got here in the states, I have not really tried camping but I have heard so much about it. I think it is very interesting and I want to try it someday. Yes, I am fond of nature tripping and I consider camping as one of nature tripping. Hopefully when our little one is able to go with us, we can schedule a family camping. Oh that would be awesome! Of course along with the camping trip, we may need a rvs to use. Well, i know this wouldn't be a problem to look for one and we have all the time in the world to plan for this. Happy camping everyone.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy Parents

It has been so busy lately around the house. Since we got back from the hospital, the baby is the center of attention. She is doing pretty good. She eat well, sleep well and very healthy according to her pediatrician this morning. Our baby is so precious and we enjoy every second that we spend with her. My sleeping routine had totally changed. I am not complaining though because I love being a mom and spending every minute with my child is all worth it. I am so thankful with husband because he is so supportive and always there to help me. Yes he is still at home because he requested for another 2 weeks off from work. I just miss our time together though. One night I cried because I just miss the "alone" time we have. Well this must be the rules of becoming a parent/s and I know he understand. I just make it a point that we still have time for each other especially when the baby is asleep.

Addie Mae is 8 days old today and as I've mentioned above she had her doctors appointment today. Her doctor said that she's very healthy and doing great. She gained few ounces in weeks time which is great and we are happy about that. We enjoyed our baby's growth so much. She can now lift her head by her own at an early stage. Every time she throw a smile, it is very precious. We are so looking forward to our baby's growth everyday.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Precious Daughter

Introducing our lovely daughter ADELIE MAE ERRO-EATON. She was born January 17, 2010 at 6:29 in the evening at Wesley Medical Center Hattiesburg, Mississippi USA. She weighed 5 pounds and 11 ounces. She's 19.25 inches long. She's very healthy and very adorable. My husband and I are enjoying parenthood. She gives so much happiness to both of us and we love her very much.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Exercising During Pregnancy

Since my D-Day is fast approaching, I become aware with the recommended pregnancy exercises. I think it's a bit late but oh well I can still do it anyway..Lol..Honestly, I am very lazy when it comes to do some exercise. I think the only exercise that I have during this pregnancy is going to the mailbox and get the mail..LOL! I know it is necessary for me and the baby but sometimes I just don't feel like doing it, especially with the weather now,Oh my! could hardly stand outside for a long time. My first trimister was very rough, my second trimister was okay and I am on my third trimister now which is a bit hard to move around. I won't promise though but I will get my butt to do some exercise til my D-day comes. I know my husband will laugh at me about this because his been telling me to at least move around which I did for quite sometimes..Lol..

I did some reading on the web and found some interesting topic about pregnancy exercises. I even play a video from youtube from a pregnant lady doing her routine exercise. That was amazing and it really helps a lot I guess. This is what I've found out on the article that I was reading a while ago.

Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

No doubt about it, exercise is a big plus for both you and your baby (if complications don't limit your ability to exercise throughout your pregnancy). It can help you:

  • feel better. At a time when you wonder if this strange body can possibly be yours, exercise can increase your sense of control and boost your energy level. Not only does it make you feel better by releasing endorphins (naturally occurring chemicals in your brain), appropriate exercise can:
    • relieve backaches and improve your posture by strengthening and toning muscles in your back, butt, and thighs
    • reduce constipation by accelerating movement in your intestine
    • prevent wear and tear on your joints (which become loosened during pregnancy due to normal hormonal changes) by activating the lubricating fluid in your joints
    • help you sleep better by relieving the stress and anxiety that might make you restless at night

  • look better. Exercise increases the blood flow to your skin, giving you a healthy glow.
  • prepare you and your body for birth. Strong muscles and a fit heart can greatly ease labor and delivery. Gaining control over your breathing can help you manage pain. And in the event of a lengthy labor, increased endurance can be a real help.
  • regain your pre-pregnancy body more quickly. You'll gain less fat weight during your pregnancy if you continue to exercise (assuming you exercised before becoming pregnant). But don't expect or try to lose weight by exercising while you're pregnant. For most women, the goal is to maintain their fitness level throughout pregnancy.
Upon reading this article, I was kinda guilty that I didn't do my part. With the stage that I'm at right now, it might be late for me to get started, but oh well, I can always try. But I am glad to find this kind of article that made me aware on the benefits of exercise.

Research Made Easy With Article Directory

Everything today is just a click away. I mean with the wide range of technology and with the wide coverage in the world wide web things are getting easier to find. Shopping, paying bills, research and many more are just one click away. Like many other search engine in the web, there are also article directory exist. In this category, there is a wide range of selection that you can find like communications, arts and sciences, business, career and many more.

When I logged in to one of the article directory websites which is I was very amazed with the wide range of category selections that they have. I got so interested with the baby and child, family, cooking and recipes categories. This articles are very helpful and very informative especially for a soon to be mommy like me. It brought up so much knowledge and information on my part. I can go to this website everyday and find the best information needed for my everyday learning.

It is so amazing how people could create a very innovative way of providing information. It is something that we can be proud of in our everyday lives. The world wide web has gone way to far to make everyone's lives a lot more easier and a lot more accessible. Busy people like me could really use this kind of website for my learning. Research is not hard to do now in just one click away.

Another Doctors Appointment

Had my doctors appointment today and everything went well. I gained another 2 pounds in just a week and now weighing 135 lbs. Oh my goodness and I have a feeling that my weight will increase more and more everyday..Lol! I haven't dilated yet but my doctor said that the baby had dropped more. Maybe I am one of those cases that will just pop anytime..LOL! Oh hopefully not. My contractions are still the same but that's just it, I am used to it since the day I started experiencing it. It is hard to determine if it's the real contraction labor or just the regular braxton hicks..hehehehe! Oh well, maybe I just have to wait. I will be having another appointment again on Thursday next week and hopefully there's some progress to that. I am just glad that my appointment went well and the baby is doing fine.

Monday, January 11, 2010

BCS Championship

I did watch some part of their game a few days ago. They were playing against Texas and it was really a close fight. I thought Texas is going to win because the scores were very tight and from that moment, Texas will beat Alabama in a snap. But Alabama was working so hard to get the title as champion on that day and they succeeded. The scores were Texas - 21 and Alabama - 37. It is amazing to see them win their victory. Well Alabama is not that far from our area. It is at least almost 2 hours drive and I have been there many times already. It is our neighboring state so it is like winning also. Hopefully on the next season, they will defend their title again as BCS Champion. Now the waiting begins on the super bowl..LOL


What is a Rivco? Does anyone have an idea about this stuff? Well, out of curiosity I did a research and it is a company that sells parts of motorcycle. Wow! So that's what it is. Well, it reminds me with my motorcycle in the Philippines. I worked in a motorcycle dealership before but quit my job when my fiance ( now husband ) started my visa going to the states. I always have this adrenaline feeling when driving my motorcycle before. Wheewww! I missed it though. Now I am residing here in the states and I don't know if I can still drive one here in the states. My husband is so against it..Lol..Well he is just protecting me from any accident.. Hehehehe!

Nothing Much To DO

For the past days, I wasn't feeling well at all. I always feel uncomfortable and don't feel like doing something around the house. Oh pregnancy! But I think my D-day is fast approaching though. My baby is very active inside my tummy. She always make it a point to let me know she's still there which is great. I am also looking forward on my upcoming appointment ( Wednesday ). I am excited to know if I dilated yet or not. I am also looking forward for my husband coming home this week. I have not heard from him yet since they went to Galveston, Texas but I know he will sms me whenever he gets the chance. I miss hubby so much and I can't wait to see him soon.

Today I am just watching my daily show on The Filipino Channel. I am glad that we finally got the package. My dad in law got one for me and it was really amazing how I could watch my favorite shows. It feels like I am still in the Philippines. It was an awesome package. I know my husband will like it too because it will also help him learn more tagalog lingo.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Again

It has been cold lately and according to the wedding forecast it will snow tomorrow. Oh shoot! and we have to go to Jackson tomorrow to pick mom up..Oh this is crazy!! The weather makes me feel more very uncomfortable. Wheeewww!!!I wish winter is over now..Hehehehe!

Wedding Invitations For My Cousin

I talked to my momma last night and she had a good news for me. My cousin Shiela is getting married on September. Wow! I am so happy to know that. Finally!!She is a year older than me and I got married first but gladly she will settle down soon to the man she loved, her ever dearest Charlie. I am so happy for them and how I wish I could make a trip back home and attend their wedding. I don't want to hold my hopes up but we will never know how time goes. Speaking of which, I was thinking what to give them on their wedding. I came to an idea about booking them an overnight stay in one of the resorts there. A very romantic place for couples. But also I was thinking, what if I will shoulder the expenses for their wedding invitations. That would be cool. Not much help but at least it could lessen the pressure on the wedding preparation. I know I could find some cheap wedding invitations here in the US. I will suggest this to my cousin as soon as I get a hold of her. I am so excited for her.

Watching My Shows

Finally the cable guy was here and installed my Filipino channel. Weee! I am watching showtime right. Gosh it's a great feeling to watch my shows back in the Philippines again. I have been watching them online but now I can watch it on TV..Hehehehe! It feels like I'm in the Philippines too. Well be right back guys. Have to get busy watching. My shows will come 15 minutes from now! Have a good one!

Losing Some Weight

One time when my husband and I went to his Doctor's appointment. They did a physical exam and everything. His Doctor told him to lose some weight and quit smoking as soon as possible. I agree to that. Not because I do not like his figure and everything like that. I love everything about my husband but it also worries me when it comes to his health. I agree of what his doctor told him in reducing some weight. I know it will be hard for him on the first few months. Been there then that. But for the sake of his health, he is trying to. I wanted to help him though by way of giving him the proper food, the proper intake and proper nutrient for his diet. I was also researching over the web on the references we could use to help him reduce some weight in a manner of time. I found this one great website that has a lap-band the woodlands weight loss surgery. It kinda scare me at first because I wanted my husband to lose some weight in a natural way. But as I was reading their package I was satisfied with it. I can't wait for him to try it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome! The Year Of The Tiger

Welcome! The Year Of The Tiger.

Tiger Years are third in the cycle and recur every twelfth year. The Chinese New Year does not fall on a specific date, so it is essential to check the calendar to find the exact date on which each Tiger year actually begins.

The Tiger is said to be lucky vivid, lively and engaging. Another attribute of the Tiger is his incredible bravery, evidenced in his willingness to engage in battle or his undying courage. Maybe he’s so brave because he is so lucky. But the Chinese say a Tiger having a Tiger in the house is the very best protection against the evils of fire, burglary.


Tigers do not find worth in power or money. They will be completely honest about how they feel and expect the same of you. On the other hand, they seek approval from peers and family. Generally, because of their charming personalities Tigers are well liked. Often, failing at a given task or being unproductive in his personal or professional life can cause a Tiger to experience a depression. Criticism from loved ones can also generate this type of Tiger reaction. Still, like all felines, Tigers always land on their feet, ready for their next act in life, pursuing it with unyielding energy and hunting it infallibly.

Tigers are also incorrigibly competitive - they simply cannot pass up a challenge, especially when honor is at stake, or they are protecting those they love. Tigers are unpredictable and it would be unwise to underestimate their reactions. They may appear cool, but they have the Big Cat's instincts to pounce at a moment's warning. Natural leaders, they have a strong sense of their own dignity, and if they find

themselves in the ranks, they can be stubborn and obstinate. In positions of power they can be difficult though stimulating bosses. Tigers are intelligent, alert, and farsighted. They have their fingers on the pulse. Good strategists and tacticians, they often have a hidden agenda. As long as they do not risk their luck too often, and keep their restless nature under control, their tactics usually pay off in life.

Filipino Channel On Direct TV

I was very surprised when my father in law told me the other night that he had purchased a new program on Direct TV. At first, I was just like okay that's great. But later he reveals the surprised. He said that the new program that he purchased were Filipino Channels. Wow! I was very astounded and so speechless when he said that.

I was very happy and now getting excited because they will install it tomorrow. I think I saw few commercials with the Filipino channel on DirectTV but was not really brought it up to my husband because I just normally watch my shows online. But now with directv, I can watch my shows in a huge screen, that is awesome. They will give us a month trial period though and see if we will keep it or turn it down. For sure we will keep it because aside from just watching my show, my husband could learn our dialect too by watching some of the shows with me.

Oh! today is Sunday and they will be here tomorrow. I am excited and anxious to see their programs. My dad in law told me that there are at least 28 channels for the Filipino shows. Oh that would be so awesome and I can't wait. Told my husband about it and he said it was very interesting. I am just glad that I can still watch my shows from the Philippines eventhough I am already residing here in the States.
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