Saturday, October 31, 2009

Diving Adventure

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Old Yankee Stadium in shadow of new park, sits out first Yankee WS since ?23

As the No. 4 elevated train pulls into the 161st Street station in the Bronx, it passes by the original Yankee Stadium. Hardly a rider notices. The home to exactly 100 World Series games and nine clinchers for the Yankees stands ignored, just across the street from its glitzy, new US$1.5 billion replacement. "I did the first few times I came. I thought about then," former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said in an interview with The Associated Press before Game 1 of the Series. "Once I'm here, I don't anymore. Destined to be taken down piece by piece, the 86-year-old Yankee Stadium is a shell of itself, wrapped in scaffolding, construction netting and a blue plywood wall at street level. Take a sliver of a peek into the park from the 4 train, peer through a hole in the fence on River Avenue or look inside from the plaza across 161st Street and you'll see the place has been stripped of its memories. The nearly 56,000 blue seats are gone, leaving tiers of exposed concrete. The padding that covered the right-field wall where little Jeffrey Maier reached over and coaxed a flyball into a home run for Derek Jeter in the 1996 American League championship series is gone, too. The mound where Mariano Rivera saved 15 playoff games. Flattened. The perfectly manicured lawn has been cut up. All that's left is a mound of dirt piled high near the visiting dugout, weeds growing wildly. The batter's eye black area in centre field where Reggie Jackson sent one of his three home runs bouncing in Game 6 of the 1977 World Series, is faded and greying. And the soaring yellow foul poles have been toppled. "It is sad when you think about everything that's gone on over there, but this is everything we had hoped for," Yankees veteran Andy Pettitte said. "When we built this new stadium we hoped to be able to bring a World Series here."

Monday, October 26, 2009

1st Year Anniversary

One year and counting. It has been a year when we got married and things are doing great. We are a very happy couple and expectant parents to a baby girl soon. I am very grateful to have a husband like Forest Wayne. He is everything to me and I couldn't ask for more. Our love has grown and becomes stronger and stronger everyday. We get closer as the day passes by and I am loving it. I love you so much baby ko and Happy Anniversary!

Waste Management Software

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This Is It': It's moderately memorable

Michael Jackson's "This is it" is a nice keepsake for the King of Pop's fans, though the majority of the music here is already available elsewhere. The album is a compilation of music that inspired the movie of the same name, a documentary about the singer's final rehearsals for a series of London concerts, which premieres tonight. The hits show the breadth of his artistry, but the main reason to buy this double-disc collection is to get the title song, a 1983 ballad co-written with Paul Anka that was released as a "brand new" song two weeks ago and features backing vocals by The Jacksons. There is also an orchestral version of the song, which isn't improved by the flourishes. The two-CD package is dressed up with a lavish 36-page booklet, unreleased demos of hits Beat It, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' and She's Out of My Life (an acoustic version), and a spoken-word poem, Planet Earth. Those are nice curios for die-hard Jackson fans, but that audience may have been better served by live renditions of some of the hits included here. The album gives you all the familiar songs, sequenced in the order they appear in the film. What you wind up with is more a soundtrack to Jackson's career than a soundtrack to a movie that focuses on his preparations for the London concerts, which he hoped would return him to glory. It is nice to hear Jackson in that glory, unvarnished by the controversy that has dogged him even in death. Kicking things off, appropriately, is the blistering workout Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'. What follows is one memorable pop pleasure after another, showcasing Jackson's versatility as a vocalist and evolution as a songwriter. There is a timelessness to songs such as the gentle Human Nature, defiant They Don't Care About Us and poignant Man in the Mirror, and smash '80s hits like Thriller and Beat It still resonate. While this project buffs Jackson's legacy, it doesn't add much to it. Maybe the documentary will bring fresh insight about the enigmatic entertainer. Considering how posthumous sales of his catalog have skyrocketed, it's hard to imagine This Is It as a must-have for those who already have invested in his classic albums and hits compilations.


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Pilots Who Missed Airport Were Using Their Laptops

Any employee at a company that has gone through a merger knows how distracting it can be when the new owner imposes new rules. That distraction, not a nap, was what two Northwest Airlines pilots say caused them to fly far beyond the Minneapolis airport last week, federal investigators reported Monday. The pilots told the National Transportation Safety Board that they missed their destination because they had taken out their personal laptops in the cockpit, a violation of airline policy, so the first officer, Richard I. Cole, could tutor the captain, Timothy B. Cheney, in a new scheduling system put in place by Delta Air Lines, which acquired Northwest last fall. The interim report from the safety board ran counter to theories in aviation circles last week that the two pilots might have fallen asleep or were arguing in the cockpit. Each pilot, in separate interviews with the safety board that totaled more than five hours, denied those theories. “Both said they lost track of time,” the report stated. It also said that the pilots had heard voices over their cockpit radios but ignored them. The pilots passed breath analysis tests to check for alcohol use, and had a 17-hour break between the San Diego-to-Minneapolis trip and their previous flight. Delta, in a statement Monday, hinted strongly that the lapse could cost both men their jobs. “Using laptops or engaging in activity unrelated to the pilots’ command of the aircraft during flight,” the statement said, “is strictly against the airline’s flight deck policies and violations of that policy will result in termination.” The pilots remain suspended until completion of the airline’s investigation. The impromptu tutoring session apparently caused Mr. Cole and Mr. Cheney to ignore air-traffic controllers for about 90 minutes on Wednesday night, and forget to begin preparations for landing in Minneapolis. Instead, the plane flew about 110 miles to the skies over Eau Claire, Wis., as more than a dozen air-traffic controllers in three locations serving Denver and Minneapolis tried to get the pilots’ attention. The North American Aerospace Defense Command readied four fighter jets and had them on “runway alert” in the vicinity, according to a command spokesman, Michael D. Kucharek. A flight attendant finally called the cockpit when the plane did not begin its scheduled descent to Minneapolis to ask when it might arrive, according to the report. The plane, which carried 144 passengers and three flight attendants as well as the two pilots en route from San Diego, made a loop in the sky over Wisconsin and returned to Minneapolis, where it landed safely. Industry executives and analysts said the pilots’ behavior was a striking lapse for such veteran airmen. The two pilots have a total of 31,000 flying hours of experience between them. Mr. Cheney, of Gig Harbor, Wash., has been at Northwest since 1985, while Mr. Cole, of Salem, Ore., has been at the airline since 1997. The pilots did not respond to phone messages left at their homes. Robert W. Mann Jr., a veteran industry analyst, said of the pilots’ explanation: “It’s inexcusable.” Delta acquired Northwest last fall, and since then has begun integrating the two airlines’ operations, like reservation systems and airport check-in counters and kiosks. While Delta still operates flights under the Northwest name, it has begun switching pilots to the Delta system to request assignments. Though similar to Northwest’s scheduling system, the Delta procedure uses different acronyms and a different computer program, said a pilot who has used both systems but who requested anonymity because he not authorized to speak publicly. He said the Northwest system was “more intuitive.” Pilots and other flight crewmembers bid, through computer programs, on the flights they wish to operate. Their requests are often awarded on seniority. Flight schedules are of high importance to pilots because many commute from their hometowns to bases at airline hubs. They arrange their non-airline activities, like second jobs and volunteer programs, according to the ease with which they can reach the city where they are based. Many have memorized the flights they can take from home to reach their bases, and often base their work schedules depending on how many days they will be away from home. But the new scheduling system may be only a first step. As a result of the merger, some pilots at Northwest face the possibility that they may be operating out of new cities, meaning they will have to re-arrange their personal lives as well as their work schedules, a person familiar with the airline’s plans said. In fact, Northwest cautioned pilots earlier this year not to become distracted by the changes that were in store. “While we cannot minimize distractions from our personal or professional lives, we can mitigate their effects so they do not affect the safety of our airline,” a memorandum from the airline said. “Leave distractions about personal, corporate or other external issues outside of the flight deck.” The airline bans pilots from working on personal computers in the cockpit, where they are supposed to concentrate on the multiple gauges and controls required in flight. In the case of Flight 188, “neither pilot was aware of the airplane’s position until a flight attendant called about five minutes before they were scheduled to land and asked what was their estimated time of arrival,” the report said. By that time, the plane, which should have begun its descent into Minneapolis about half an hour earlier, was still at 37,000 feet and more than 100 miles beyond its destination. Flight attendants have not had keys to open a plane’s cockpit door since the 2001 terrorist attacks, and there is no procedure in which they regularly check on pilots. The cabin crew communicates by phone or through chimes that can be heard in the passenger cabin.The aircraft’s cockpit voice recorder captured only the last 30 minutes of conversation, some of it on the ground after landing. Investigators said they would try to use the flight data recorder, which captured the entire flight, including use of radios, to determine the level of crew activity.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Garbage trucks lead to discovery of dead Fla. girl

A sad news happen to a little girl.

After 7-year-old Somer Thompson vanished on her way home from school, investigators tailed nine garbage trucks from her neighborhood to a Georgia landfill nearly 50 miles away, then picked through the trash as each rig spilled its load. They sorted through more than 225 tons of garbage before their worst fears were realized: Sticking out of the rubbish were a child's lifeless legs. Sheriff Rick Beseler said the quick discovery of Somer's body on Wednesday, two days after she disappeared, may have saved precious evidence that could lead to her killer. "Had we not done this tactic, I believe that body would have been buried beneath hundreds of tons of debris, probably would have gone undiscovered forever," he said Thursday. An autopsy to establish the cause of death was performed Thursday, but authorities would not disclose their findings. At a news conference, Beseler would not say if Somer had been sexually assaulted or answer other questions about the condition of the body. "I fear for our community until we bring this person in. This is a heinous crime that's been committed," Beseler said. "And we're going to work as hard as we can to make this community safe." Searching landfills is common when children disappear, but it is unusual to try to zero in on them more efficiently by tracking a neighborhood's garbage trucks, said Ernie Allen, president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. "Time is the enemy in these cases and the sheriff used every resource," Allen said. The sheriff said police have questioned more than 155 registered sex offenders in the area so far. State online records show 88 sex offenders live in Orange Park, a Jacksonville suburb of about 9,000 people just south of Jacksonville Naval Air Station. Beseler would not say whether investigators believe the crime was committed by more than one person. Somer's father and other family members were "torn up" upon hearing the news, aunt Laura Holt said. As for the killer or killers, "I don't think they deserve to live," Holt said. "I don't think there's anything worse that a person can do — to kill a child and dump her in the dump like a piece of trash?" The girl disappeared in a heavily populated residential area about a mile from a stretch of fast-food restaurants and other businesses. Investigators will presumably try to pinpoint the trash bin or garbage can where she was dumped, based on the trash around her and the truck's pickup route. Tuesday was trash day in Somer's neighborhood, and it was Detective Bruce Owens' idea to track the garbage trucks to the landfill they use in Folkston, Ga., 48 miles way. "At that time I realized that this is probably not going to turn out good," the 10-year veteran of the Clay County Sheriff's Office told The Florida Times-Union. But he said he had been expecting to find perhaps a backpack or a piece of clothing, not a body. The sheriff said he had told the girl's mother, Diena Thompson, to prepare for the worst, and called her after receiving the news Wednesday night. "Needless to say, she was absolutely devastated," Beseler said. "It was the hardest phone call I've ever had to make in my life, and I hope I never have to make another one like that." Somer vanished on Monday during her mile-long walk home from school. Authorities said she squabbled with another child and walked ahead of the group. She was last seen outside a vacant house that was on her route home, sheriff's spokeswoman Mary Justino said. Investigators are examining the house for evidence, Justino said. On Thursday, flowers and dozens of teddy bears were heaped around an oak tree across the street from Somer's home where about 200 people gathered for a candlelight vigil in front of the family's home just after sundown. Diena Thompson came out to thank the group who sang "Amazing Grace" and "You Are My Sunshine," then recited the Lord's Prayer. "I wish I could hug every one of you," Thompson said. "I love every one of you." Neighbor Carter Beukema shouted his comments about if the accused killer goes to trial: "I hope I'm on the jury. He will pay." Somer "was always happy unless she couldn't find anyone to play with," neighbor Robert Ocain said. "She trusted anybody. Honestly, I think all the kids around here do." At the tree, Catherine Sullivan held her teary-eyed 5-year-old daughter, Nya Frederick. They drove to the Thompsons' neighborhood from Jacksonville because Sullivan wanted to show her child the dangers of being too friendly with strangers. "She seemed to understand when I explained to her her mommy wouldn't see her anymore," the mother said.

Furniture Shopping

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Flu Vaccine Requirement for Health Workers Is Lifted

The Paterson administration backed away on Thursday evening from a health regulation that would have compelled hundreds of thousands of health care workers and hospital volunteers to be vaccinated for seasonal and swine flu. Claudia Hutton, a spokeswoman for the State Health Department, said in an interview Thursday night that the regulation had been suspended because of a shortage of H1N1 vaccine. She said that given the shortage, the state wanted to concentrate its vaccination efforts on pregnant women and children. “Since the vaccine is so scarce right now and since the virus has proved especially difficult for pregnant women and young people — there have been deaths — we felt that the best use of the scarce amount of vaccine right now is for those populations,” Ms. Hutton said. In August, the state health commissioner, Dr. Richard F. Daines, issued a regulation ordering health care workers to be vaccinated by Nov. 30, and hospitals warned that workers who refused could be disciplined or fired. But last week, a judge in Albany halted enforcement of the rule in response to a lawsuit filed by three nurses who claimed that the requirement needed legislative approval and that the commissioner had overstepped his authority. Ms. Hutton said that Dr. Daines’s change of policy — which was announced late Thursday in a statement from the office of Gov. David A. Paterson — was not influenced by the litigation. New York found itself isolated in its insistence on mandatory vaccinations. No other state adopted a similar regulation, and neither the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nor the World Health Organization were recommending mandatory H1N1 vaccinations. Some public health experts had applauded the rule. But referring to mandatory vaccination, Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, director of the federal centers, said last summer that “this is just not the right flu season to take this on,” because of the logistical difficulties of distributing both seasonal and swine flu vaccines. Those logistical concerns turned out to be warranted. The governor pointed to a statement by the centers that said that only about 23 percent of the anticipated vaccine supply would be available by month’s end. So far this week, the federal agency has allowed the state to order 146,300 doses of vaccine, while physicians have asked for more than 1.48 million doses, Ms. Hutton said. “They don’t expect things to get markedly better until well into November, perhaps December,” Ms. Hutton said. “Even while the mandate was in effect, we were telling our hospital workers that if you have a choice of vaccinating patients or workers, please vaccinate patients.”Terence L. Kindlon, a lawyer for the three nurses, said on Thursday evening: “This is a good result, because the decision whether or not to be vaccinated is one that should be made by the individual. That’s all we ever wanted to establish here: the right to make that choice.”

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Michelle Obama Hula Hooping our way to health

First, the buff first arms. Then the First Lady's White House playground. Then the First Lady's White House victory garden. Then the First Lady's patronage of farmer's markets for things that grow in the filthy ground or hang on trees where birds perch and do things. It's a given that too many Americans are obese. They don't exercise enough. The good news is their flabby thighs are hidden by their drooping stomachs. Now, today First Lady Michelle Obama had a Healthy Kids Fair on the sunny White House South Lawn. Will this healthy stuff ever stop with these people?

Yes, of course, it's a political show. Playing with kids at a scheduled time that allows TV studio editors to process the video in time for the afternoon/evening newscasts is part of American public life now, regardless of party. (Think the Bushes' adorable T-ball games at the White House.) But M.O.'s enthusiasm is almost contagious, making some American adults at least contemplate getting up out of their La-Z-Boys to move their enlarged bodies slightly. And not just toward the fridge. Yes, it might be a shock to the old ticker to work a little. So try walking early in the morning before your brain figures out what's going on. Never mind sitting on your enlarged keister reading books, this first lady seems determined to drive Americans, including her burger-loving, cigarette-smoking husband, to at least feel guilty about all those fries and other gunk they swallow into their bodies. As she often does in her public remarks (think Copenhagen), the president's wife falls back on her own life for story material. We learn today that in her childhood they got pizza once each year or semester, one or the other -- and then only if the children had received good grades.

We also learn Mrs. Obama loves...

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Microsoft Strikes Search Deals With Twitter, Facebook

Microsoft has reached collaboration agreements with Twitter and Facebook to get their members' public status updates and messages indexed and presented in useful ways on the Bing search engine. Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of Microsoft's Online Audience Business, made the announcement on stage at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. The partnership with Twitter has it working with Microsoft to optimize how Bing crawls and indexes "tweets." Microsoft in turn will apply search algorithms to the Twitter messages, so that Bing users will not only be able to see a real-time feed of "tweets" but also rank them by how relevant they are to their query, Mehdi said. "This is a big deal we've been working on for a long time," Mehdi said. To rank "tweets" by relevance, a feature Microsoft calls "Best Match," Bing will take into consideration a number of factors, such as who are the authors of the messages based on a "social relevance" score Bing will assign to them, Mehdi said. Bing will also evaluate the message's quality, noticing, for example, if it contains a link to an online article or Web page. It will also take into consideration how popular the message is by calculating how many times it has been "re-tweeted" by others. In addition to providing links to Twitter messages, Bing will extract the URLs of the pages that the messages are making reference to, so that users can go directly to that source of the information. When providing links to "tweets" that contain a shortened URL, Bing will put in parenthesis the main Web domain of the link, so that users know, before clicking, whether it's a reputable site and thus avoid landing in a malicious phishing or malware-laden site. Bing will also display a tag cloud of the most popular Twitter topics, so that users can click on and dive deeper into them. The Twitter deal is nonexclusive, so Twitter can strike similar agreements with other search engines. However, for now, Bing is ahead of Google with an optimized search experience for Twitter that is already live. Although Google remains by far the most popular search engine, Microsoft is making a big push to improve its position in this market, starting with Bing's launch in May and the broad search deal with Yahoo, which is awaiting regulatory approval. In addition to its core microblogging and social networking features, Twitter has emerged as a repository of real-time testimonies on whatever is on people's minds, such as news stories of global importance, celebrity gossip and hot-button issues. As such, being able to capture, analyze and make sense of Twitter's stream of posts is seen as an important new area in the world of search engines. "We're super happy with the Twitter partnership," said Qi Lu, president of Microsoft's Online Services Division, who was also on stage being interviewed by conference moderator Tim O'Reilly. Lu declined to disclose financial details of the deal. He also said he wasn't sure on its duration. Neither Mehdi nor Lu said much about the Facebook arrangement, other than to indicate that it will be similar in nature to Twitter's but that it will be implemented at a later date. It will be interesting to see what shape the Facebook agreement takes, considering that Facebook allows individual members to make only basic profile information available via search engine results. Facebook has indicated it may let members make their profiles open to anyone on the Web, including their status updates, but that hasn't happened yet. Twitter, on the other hand, is a much more open service and most of its users make public their "tweets," messages that can't be longer than 140 characters. Microsoft and Facebook have an existing partnership through which Microsoft provides Web search and search ads to Facebook.

What's your horoscope

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Here's mine:

21 Oct 2009


You may be highly attracted to someone new, simply because of the novelty and possibilities for adventure. Also, your friends or love partner may behave in unexpected ways which may throw you off emotionally. Being flexible and open minded in your relationships is called for now.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swine Flu Outbreak

Half of those hospitalized with the new H1N1 virus are under 25, a clear illustration that the pandemic is affecting the young disproportionately, U.S. health officials said on Tuesday. They said reports from 27 U.S. states show 53 percent of people sick enough to be hospitalized with H1N1 flu are under the age of 25, with only 7 percent of hospitalizations among people 65 and older. "This is really, really different from what we see with seasonal flu," the CDC's Dr. Anne Schuchat told reporters. "With seasonal flu, about 60 percent of hospitalizations occur in people 65 and over. She stressed the report was incomplete but said if anything, it was underestimating the extent of the pandemic. And an analysis of 292 deaths from 28 states showed that younger people than usual are also dying, she said. "Almost a quarter of deaths are occurring in young people under the age of 25. Specifically, 23.6 percent of the deaths are in that age group. About 65 percent of the deaths are in people 25 to 64 years of age," Schuchat said. Just 12 percent of deaths were among people over 65. In a normal year, 90 percent of those who die from flu are over 65. With cooler weather, other viruses and infections are showing up, making the picture confusing. Schuchat said influenza is being diagnosed in about 30 percent of all people showing up with "influenza-like illness," symptoms that include cough, sore throat, fever and aches. Almost all influenza is turning out to be H1N1 rather than seasonal influenza and Schuchat said the tests often miss cases of H1N1, so the percentage may be higher. Ordinary colds, group A streptococcus, which causes "strep throat", and other infections can cause similar symptoms. The U.S. government is trying to vaccinate people against both seasonal influenza and H1N1 at the same time, making both vaccines available as manufacturers finish, bottle and get them approved batch by batchFive companies make both types for the U.S. market: Sanofi-Aventis SA, CSL Ltd, Novartis AG, GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca unit MedImmune. Schuchat said H1N1 vaccine was becoming available slowly.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Apple Profit Surges on iPhone Sales

Apple Inc. continued to power through the recession as it posted a 47% quarterly profit jump as consumers continued to snap up its iPhones and Macintosh computers. The company also sounded an upbeat note for the holiday season, despite new competition in the smart-phone and PC markets. Shares of Apple surged more than 6% after the results were released, eclipsing $200. Apple sold 7.4 million iPhones in the quarter ended Sept. 26, up 7% from a year ago and 41% more than the previous quarter, bucking concerns of a supply constraint. Demand was fed by a price drop and a faster iPhone model announced in June, which it has been gradually rolling out in overseas markets. "We feel very, very good about suiting up and competing against anyone," Tim Cook, Apple's operating chief, said on a conference call. "Frankly, I think that people are really just trying to catch up with the first iPhone that was announced two years ago, and we've long since moved beyond that." Apple also sold 3.1 million Macintosh computers in the quarter, up 17% from a year earlier, as it continued to gain ground on Windows-based machines. In the quarter, Apple released Snow Leopard, a major upgrade to its Mac operating system, and it said initial sales have been double that of the previous upgrade two years ago. Microsoft Corp. will release a new version of its rival software, Windows 7, this week. While Wall Street had feared that expectations for Apple's earnings could be too high, the results exceeded even the most optimistic expectations. "I'm shocked," said Kaufman Brothers analyst Shaw Wu. Overall, Apple reported a fiscal fourth-quarter profit of $1.67 billion, or $1.82 a share, compared with $1.14 billion, or $1.26 a share, a year earlier. Its gross profit margin rose to 36.6% from 34.7% a year ago. Revenue increased 24% to $9.87 billion from $7.9 billion a year earlier. Apple's strong results appear to indicate that overall consumer spending is recovering. Other technology companies have also recently posted positive earnings, including Intel Corp. and Google Inc. "This quarter really signals that we're coming out of the trough," said Gene Munster, an analyst for Piper Jaffray. "You don't see too many blow-out quarters like that, especially when you're the size of Apple." Apple's shares, which have nearly doubled over the past year, rose 6.1% to $201.50 in late trading, after closing up about 1% at $189.86 on the Nasdaq Stock Market. For the current quarter, Apple's forecast for earnings and profit were less conservative than in the past. The company projected per-share earnings of about $1.70 to $1.78 with revenue between $11.3 billion to $11.6 billion.

Free Business Cards

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Lazy Monday

It's one of those days again, in short being lazy lol..Nothing is really plan today and I'm just at home and watching TV. The program that is aired right now is very interesting especially that I love to bake. I am watching the amazing wedding cake series and my God their cakes are awesome. How I wish I could make one of those someday. I know I still have a long way to go but I am very interested to learn. Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Veterinary Technician Jobs

They said that the economy is starting to recover. Well I think it's true because there are a lots of jobs offered now. Some companies are now open to accept applicants for a certain position. And also looking for a job is not that hard anymore because all you have to do is search over the internet for new job listing. Like veterinary technician jobs. It is now open and just waiting for some applicants. Apply now!

Cold Weather

Wow the weather today was 38 degree..Brrrrr!!!..I was freezing to death. I thought it's December in Mississippi already wheewww..I am still cold right now although the heater is on and I know this will go on 'til next year. Oh my goodness..Whhhewwww.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


We all know how important time is and in order to determine the time, we should have a clock. Exactly, a clock is a necessity around the house or you should have it anywhere you go. Having it simple is fine but if you really an elegant clock for your house or for decorations, grandfather clock is the right product for you. They have a huge selection of different clocks. Some of those are wall clock, wall docks, mantel clocks, atomic clocks, home decor, interior design, howard miller clocks, ridgeway, kieningen clocks, hermle clocks and many more. They are the leading company when it comes to different kinds of clocks. They lead on this field because they offer the the lowest prices. Has greatest selection. They've got antiques & brand new items. They give their clients some advice when wanted. Aboslutely offering a 100% customer satisfaction as well as a great shopping experience, from any of their channels. They also offer volume discounts for government, business, educational and other organizations. Get in touch with one of their representative information on getting a clock with a customized logo, or a personalized clock for corporate gift awards, recognition and sales awards, and incentives and promotional pieces, including sport awards and customized watches. Yes, they offer this service too, where you can have your own style and design on the clock you order. Isn't it cool? Visit their website now for orders.

Treat part 2

As I have mentioned earlier, we were planning a treat for mom and dad and I am glad that everything is set already. I already booked their package today for November the 1st at Grand Biloxi hotel. I am excited for both of them and hopefully they will enjoy this treat.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Medical Office Careers

Building up a career is sometimes hard to get. You may end up in a job that doesn't do good to you. Now that we are recently striving from the recession, it is a lot harder to find a stable job. But there is a website where it could help find job for you. Like for an instance you looking for a medical office careers job, this is the right place to go to. Try it!

Treat for Mom and Dad

My husband and I are planning to his parents a treat. Well I am thinking about sending them both to a SPA treatment over at the coast and stay for a night there. That would be wonderful because aside from the relaxation they will be getting, both of loves to play at the casino so it is really a package. I am searching for the best package now and so far I've found one. will tell hubby about this and hopefully they will like. They need a break...Hehehe

Poker Game

Poker game is something entertaining and something that involves money if you and your friends decided too. This is something somebody could spend hours and hours of playing and hundreds of hundreds of dollars just for fun. There is nothing really wrong about it though as long as you've got the money to spend and having fun as well. If you are planning to own one, you should have a poker table or a poker table sets to get started and texas holdem poker tables is the best place to go to in buying your set. They got a huge selection of poker tables for a very affordable price. They are one of the fastest growing poker games in the nation. They come to your own home with beautiful solid oak, oval table and chair set. From deal, to flop, to turn and to the river, you will feel like you are in the middle of the poker action. You and your guest will absolutely feel comfortable with the four (4) deluxe swivel chairs with gas lift mechanism and micro fiber upholstery. Save up to 65% discount with free shipping. Get yours now!


I am getting excited because my baby is coming home next week. Yippeeee!!! I am also feeling a little better now and hopefully it will get better and better. I was out today to pick up some pennies for my Ebay stuff and thankfully the bank gave me 2 boxes of pennies which is good..hehehehehe..Well, I will be busy again for the next few days and I just thank God from all the blessings that we are receiving. Have a great evening everyone.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Excellent Service Of Direct TV

I know each one of us wants a continuous viewing of our favorite television show. The problem sometimes is the network. Some network doesn't have quality service or package that will let us have a 24/7 access with our program. I know how it feels to be left out in the middle of our favorite programs because of some interruptions. It is very frustrating right? But there's a television network that can provide us an excellent service with a continuous viewing of our favorite shows, it's none other than Direct TV.

Direct TV is now excelling in the market. A lot of their clients were satisfied with the services that they offer for so many years now. We use directv too and we love the service that we are getting. I can watch my program anytime. Whether it is on western time or eastern time line. I so love this television network because it gives us entertainment constantly.

Direct TV can as well reach you wherever you may be. They can provide you the service in wherever state you live in. Just like us, we live in Mississippi and it's the television network we are using right now. And if you are living in Texas, Direct TV in Texas can still provide the services we get. The coverage is great and deals are very affordable. If somebody will offer us with a package for a lower price, still we will choose direct tv because we are very satisfied with their service.

In addition Direct TV in Florida is also available. As well Direct TV in New York and Direct TV in California.

Been Thinking

I have been thinking a lot of things lately but this is about our finances. I am thinking how to help my husband with our finances while staying at home and while I haven't deliver our baby yet. I find it so helpful if I am earning some aside from his paycheck. It will help us caught up bills. I am very serious with Ebay right now but the thing is, I don't have stock all the time. I want to get serious with it that's why I kept thinking where to get my stocks. Hopefully things will work out good for us and I believe it will. I just have to be patience I guess.

Address Labels

Do you need address labels for your business or for personal use? You had come to the right place. is now offering different kinds of address labels for personal and business use as well as for kids. You can even personalize the address labels that you want. I myself have not tried using address labels yet but I think it is a good idea of having some because it will save more time to write my name as well as my shipping address whenever I mail something for my friends and family or for our bills.

Not Well

I felt like I am going to get sick. Probably it's the effect of my flu shot the other day. Hopefully this will pass and makes me feel better soon. I just feel weak and tired right now and just want to take a nap. Got a little cold too. Whheewww!!!..Need to get rest guys, have a great day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jobs Everywhere

Finding a job is just a few steps away now. You do not have to go out somewhere else just to find an advertisement of what company is hiring. Now you can just log in to your computer and type in the job description you are aspiring to apply and you will be directed to the information you needed. Like for example, a lab assistant jobs. All related information about this job will be given to you as well as you can also choose the location of the job you are applying for.

22 weeks pregnant

What changes are occurring with your body?

You can now feel the top of your uterus about ¾ of an inch above your belly button. As we talked about last week, many women describe this as a comfortable period of pregnancy.

How big is your baby?

Your baby is almost 10 inches long and weighs a whole 14 ounces.*

What is happening with your baby?

Your baby has pretty much taken on the form of a newborn baby, but is incredibly small. Much development will continue to occur over the next 18 weeks. His or her skin appears wrinkly, but this is because he/she has not yet gained enough weight to fill the skin out. The lips are becoming more distinct. The eyes have completely formed, but the iris (the colored portion of the eye) still lacks pigment. The eyelids and eyebrows are in place, and the pancreas is continuing to mature

What should you plan for this week?

If you have not already arranged childbirth education classes, it is time to do so. Childbirth education classes provide accurate information on what to expect during labor and birth, teach relaxation techniques to use during labor, help labor coaches understand their role, and provide opportunities to talk with other couples who are expecting. Try to complete your class by the end of your 37th week, to ensure you can finish it before labor begins. Hospitals, community centers, and pregnancy centers normally offer classes.

Auto AC Parts

During summer, we know how hot it is outside. And what if our car air conditioner breaks down, it would be terrible right. Have to find an auto ac parts for replacement. To me this tool is very important in every vehicle. It will keep us feel cool and avoid us from feeling suffocated inside the car if it is too hot. I have experience this when I was waiting for my husband inside the car and forgot to start the engine for the AC, I felt like I am going to lose my breath any moment that time and it makes me feel so weak because of too much heat. So it really important to keep our ac in the car working.


The rain strikes again. It is so chilly outside which makes so lazy. I just force myself to work on something and help dad in the baby's room. We were doing sanding a while ago and later on he will be madding the walls again..Wheewwww!..My left arm is a little sore but manageable..Wheewww..It's a good day to take a nap though..hehehehe..Well have a great day everyone.

Reclining Couches

What you see in the picture are recliners. Do you love recliner? Oh I do. I love the comfortable feeling that a recliner chair had brought me since I have tried it. This reclining couches are so awesome and make you feel relax in the comfort of your home. This is something we have to invest in. It is a gorgeous piece and the money you pay for it is worth a million times as soon as you used it. In most houses here in the United States, you will notice couches particularly in the living room. They come in different kinds like leather couches, sectional couches, fabric couches, love seat and many more. Here in our house, we use couches and recliners. They are amazing piece that makes us feel at home and just be lazy the whole day. So make your family room or living room the most comfortable place in your home with great reclining sofa. That whatever your style is, you will absolutely appreciate the flexibility of a great reclining couches that fit nicely in almost every room. Check out some amazing deals now on the highlighted links for free shipping and delivery in every purchase.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I was watching NCIS a while ago. Oh I so love this show especially agent Gibbs, Maggi and Abby. They are my favorite characters of this television show aired every Tuesday on CBS. I like the way they solve their cases and the high technology they are using to solve a case. Wow, I am very impress of what they do. The person who created this show is so brilliant. Hands down

Online TV Shows

I use to watch Online TV Shows. I like it because I can still watch my favorite shows even though I missed the regular airing on the television. Technology really amazes me nowadays because of the capability to view it back online. With this, you can view different kinds of shows especially your favorite television shows.

2009 Lincoln Professional Life

The third 2009 Lincoln penny design launches at the Old State Capital in Springfield, Illinois on August 13, 2009. The design represents Lincoln's professional life in Illinois from 1830-1861.

2009 Lincoln Cent Design #3

The third designed 2009 Lincoln Penny, or cent, portrays Lincoln standing in front of the State Capitol in Illinois. The coin includes the inscriptions UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E PLURIBUS UNUM and ONE CENT.

It was designed by United States Mint AIP Master Designer Joel Iskowitz and sculpted by United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Don Everhart.

Feminine Products

A woman is always a woman. She takes good care of herself as much as possible. I think it's the feminine side of a woman why she is very cautious with her beauty and health care. Women do a lot of routine to maintain a beautiful aura not just for herself but in front of many people as well. Through this routine, it makes her feel more confident and boast up her self esteem as well as feeling the beauty inside and out. Most women likes to buy Feminine Products for their daily use. I myself do this. I do certain routine to maintain my skin care, health care, using beauty product and more. I am also more concern on my sensitive part that's why I use vaginal moisturizer. I know most women could related to me and good thing there are products in the market now that are safe and in good quality to use. Just like Private Rx External Vaginal Moisturizer, this is a premium rejuvenating skin care treatment for our intimate area. This feminine hygiene product is designed specifically for us women during and after the change of life. This could be use daily for a more disease free intimate area. With this product, it keeps us safe from any illnesses that surrounds us. To know more about this product, you can visit Femnene website for more feminine product choices.

Flu Shot

Had my flu shot a while ago. My left arm is a little bit sore and hopefully it won't get worst tomorrow. This is just the first shot. I still have one more shot on my next appointment which is the swine flu shot. The shot that I had a while ago was the seasonal flu shot..Whheewww!!!You know how I hated needles but oh well, it's for my own good and for our baby.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Case Manager Employment

I know looking for a job is rough. Sometimes it makes you feel frustrated when don't get one for so many applications you submitted to a certain company. But worry no more right now because there is a search engine that will help you find a job particularly case manager employment job. Just typed in the job description to the given space on the search engine, then typed in the state, city or zip code of the place you wanted to work with and you will be directed to the information you needed. Try it.


I went to my WIC appointment today. The nutritionist tackled about the fiber that we get in every food we eat. It was an interesting class though. They gave us some pamphlets for us to read and in there you can see the required fiber in take by a person everyday. After my appointment, we went to WIC office to pick up my groceries. This month they started giving some canned fruits and vegetables as well as bread and rice. Well, that's all the happenings today guys and tomorrow I have another appointment again for my flu shots.

For Your Aquarium Need

Coral reefs are very precious. They have this awesome appearances in every way. Like for an example, you wanted to have an aquarium in your house particularly in your living room or bedroom perhaps. Coral reefs is the key element to make your aquarium look more beautiful and impressive in front of the people that will come visit your house, aside from the saltwater fish that's in there. But does it require to catch some saltwater fish nor coral reefs for your aquarium? Definitely not anymore because nowadays, there are online stores that sells this kind of stuff e.g saltwater fish, coral reefs and some other stuff for your aquarium. Yes you can order it online and will be shipped to you right away. Isn't it amazing? No need to go to the ocean anymore and get some for you because you can buy it now online for your aquarium stuff need. In online store you can get live coral , live rock, dry goods, Reef tanks and many more. See how convenient it is to start an aquarium for your home beautification. To me having an aquarium at home does like you are close to the ocean that makes you feel so relax just by looking at those live corals and fish inside of it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


We had a great service today. Our pastor tackled about revival and we will be having a Fall revival this coming November. I am getting curious what's in it because I have not tried joining a revival yet but I know it would be interesting. It was also tackled about marriage, husband and wife and I just love the sermon this morning. I wish my baby was there but I understand though. He still at work right now will be home next week.. Yiippeeee!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Animal Welfare Jobs

Are you an animal lover and wish to find a job related to your interest? This is the right time for you. You can now look for an animal welfare jobs on the internet in a very few steps. First, typed in the job description which is animal welfare jobs, then fill in the state, city or zip code where you want and you will be directed to the information you needed on the job. Good Luck!


How I wish my baby is home right, I can really use a My back is killing me, well it's part of pregnancy..whheewww!..Sometimes the pain is just so heavy that I can't move..I am still not feeling well though and hopefully tomorrow I get to feeling better. Goodnight everyone.

Drill Bits

It is important to have some high powered tools around the house. It is a necessity that everyone must have. Just like when you are building something, a house or repairing something, a helpful tool will make it more easier to do the work. I have tried some tools around the house already since I got here in the United States and it did give me a courage to use it from time to time that I need to use it. To tell you honestly, I am afraid to use this kinds of tools like drill bits because I'm afraid I might hurt myself but it wasn't really scary that I thought it was. Speaking of drill bits, if you don't own one yet, this is the right time for you to purchase from a premier manufacturer of this kind of tool. Drills are very helpful for household chores. Fixing things, maintenance of the house and you can just use everything on it. There so many kinds of drill bits such as wood router bits which is obviously for woods and the other one is metal drill bits for metal use, there is also drill bits for plastic and for composite. This are very powerful tool that are most used in constructions sites, welding shops, machine shops and many more. So make sure you have some of this at home for you to use. My husband and dad in law has a complete set of this tools, that's why when they are doing something, it is always easy for them to finish it right away. Have yours now!

Not Well

I wasn't feeling well tonight. I don't know but I just feel so week right now. Probably just tired and because of the weather. I still feel a little dizzy though from last night's gimik. I think I was suffocated by the smoke in the bar last night, not the right place for a pregnant like me. Well we just went there to do karaoke but I did not expect that the place is so crowded and not so comfortable. Well gotta get some rest now. Have a goodnight all.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Holiday Cards

Since holiday season is coming once again, holiday cards is just around the corner. Whether it's in the mall or online. They come in different kinds, different style, different color and you can even personalize your own holiday card. 123 Print is one company that offers this kind of product. An expert on this field with a wide range of selection that you can never go wrong. Actually, they're not only selling holiday cards but also business cards, address labels, banners, post cards, stamps, invitations and many more. Check out the vast variety of products that they offer including thousands of designs that are available for your greeting card need this holiday season.


Rain, rain go away come again another day. Yes, it is raining here once again which make it so cold right now...Wheewwww..I hope it stops raining though but it is also a great time to take a, as much as I want it but I can't because I need to prepare the things I need for my chicken curry tonight. See you in a bit guys.

Shopping With Hubby

What a day yesterday. My husband and I went shopping for my maternity clothes after our dinner. In fact, it was not part of the plan but he came across this shop and found a very affordable Juicy Maternity Jeans for me to use throughout my pregnant. That is so sweet. We bought 2 maternity jeans, they fit well and I love 'em. I had 1 maternity skirt that I could wear to the church and 2 very comfortable dresses that I could use at home. Thank you baby ko!


It's Friday once again. Wow! Days run so fast and before you know I am already to give birth. Our baby's room is almost done now. I am excited to decorate the room and put all the stuff that our baby have. Hopefully all the stuff will fit in the room though..Hehehehe..Have a great day guys!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Shopping is everybody's favorite thing to do. Whether going to the mall, garage sale or even shopping online. Shopping is buying different kinds of stuff you like and like to collect. That's what I end up doing sometimes. I shop not because I need it but I just want a certain stuff for my collection. This way it makes me feel happy that I got another stuff for my collection again.

Speaking of shopping, is definitely the right place to go. I visited their website and they have a huge selection of items to choose from, such as bikes. If you love biking or cycling, I can assure you that they can provide you the different kind of bikes you need. Name it and they have it. Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Comfort Bikes, BMX Bikes and more.

Not only that they also have some accessories for those bikes mentioned like Bike Locks for thief protection. Bicycle Helmet for your safety when riding the bike and Bike Shorts to feel comfortable while roaming around. I would suggest to visit their website and see the different kinds of product that they have. With Shopwiki, you will definitely get what you want in a product. Hurry and start shopping on their website now.

Happy Happy Happy

Craig Furgeson is so funny. I like the way he deliver his piece during his show. I always watch his show every night. I think this is the climax of my night before I go to bed. Hehehehehe..I am also glad to hear my baby's voice today. God I miss him so much but he will be home soon and I am excited because were going back to the coast and spend 2 nights there for our anniversary..Hehehehehe..Have a great evening guys.

Medical Clerk Jobs

Searching for the hottest job today? You came to the right place. A medical clerk jobs, is now open for applicants aspiring for this job. Upload your resume now and search for job opening in every state. All you have to do is typed in the job category which is medical clerk, then the state, city or zip code where you want to base and you will be directed to the information you needed. Check it out!

Survivor Samoa Series

Survivor Samoa was aired again tonight and finally the tribe Fao Fao their first challenge. Well it's about time though because they lose for 3 consecutive times. Galu tribe met with Jeff at the tribal counsel and Jazmine got voted out. I think they did the right thing though because she is not really helping. I am glad that Shambo is still there. On the other hand, I really want Russell of Fao Fao voted out if they will ever go to tribal councel again..

Martial Arts

This is what I saw when I was browsing one website. This are awesome swords and my husband will definitely love them. This website has a huge selection of martial arts supply such as swords, Kung Fu Uniforms, weapons, training equipment and many more. Check it out!

Worldless Thursday

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Plastic Materials

Are you looking for plastic materials like clear acrylic, you have come to the right place. has a complete plastic materials lined up for any plastic material need. You can choose from their huge selection of plastics in either standard size or custom size. Check out their website to see their greatest deal.

Halloween Stuff

Tonight after our supper, we started putting up some decorations for the Halloween. Oh those stuff that mom and dad bought are so cool, a little scary but they just fit for the occasion. We are partly done though but still lots of stuff to do. Dad was working on the spider a while ago and probably his done now. Well, it's been a busy day again. I have been to a lot of thinking a while ago. Wheewwww!..Hopefully things will really work out good. Have a great evening guys.

Online Savings Account

Saving is definitely the smartest way to do if you want to retire at an early age. I myself is saving every penny I could get not just for our future but for emergency situation as well. It is always nice to have an instant money in times of need. If you have not started saving yet, you definitely start saving by using Online savings accounts. A lot more easier, a lot more convenience and there's no need to go to the bank. Saves you time and gas and you can do it in at home. Check it out.

Amazing Cake Show

I am watching an amazing cake show right now and wow, their cakes are so awesome. I don't know how they do that but this guys are brilliant in doing this. I admire them because I personally loving baking a cake and how I wish I could do what they can,,,hehehehehe..I just love the different kinds of cake they do.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Veterinarian Receptionist Job

I have been talking lately about finding a job and about this search engine website that helps an individual find a job a lot more easier. Now for the continuation, a veterinarian receptionist job can also be search on this website. All you have to do is enter veterinarian receptionist on the job title then typed in the state, city or zip code on the other space provided and you will be directed to the information you needed. Check it out.

Dads new phone

It was so funny a while ago because my dad and I were texting back and forth about his new phone that we sent to the Philippines 3 weeks ago. We also sent a pair of rubber shoes. He was happy and was very excited of what he received. He said he was trying so hard to practice learning his new My dad is not a gadget type of guy. He is very simple but I also want him to have something that he could be proud of and he asked for that phone because his old phone is messing up with him. We are glad he liked it and hopefully he will enjoy using it.

Zeta Clear

As a blogger, I surf a lot and visit some other website. Tonight I came across this website that discusses about zeta clear . It is a write up about this product which is very informative to everyone. The website is pretty impressive and contains a lot of information. Like the recent post about of using zeta clear for a healthy nails. It did give me some idea on how to maintain a healthy nails on a daily basis. This is something that everyone must read and get relevant information for health care. I enjoyed reading and will surely follow this website. Check it out!

Ellen G Show

I am watching Ellen's television show right and she is really funny. I always find her show amazing because of how she manage her show. She is such a brilliant and host. She is also replacing Paula Abdul on American Idol. For sure the sure will be so lively just like her television show.

My New Website at Hpage Absolutely Free

This is the design that I have chosen at I think this a new website where you can create a free website and set it up on your own. I really find it so amazing that they are offering a free website for everyone, which in other providers it's not for free and have to pay a yearly fee. Yes I got one of those and payed a sum of money for a year subscription. I am glad to discover that offers a 100% free website where I could worked on everyday and doesn't worry no more for my yearly fee. As you can see in the picture, I have chosen the auto design template because I liked the combination of the colors and the design itself. I was very surprise how easy it is to set my own website at You will be surprise too because they will provide a step by step instructions on what to do next and where to go in order to create your website. It is also very fascinating how have come to an idea which is very user friendly and absolutely free. Like I said, I already registered, set up my website and whala it is now functioning. My website is entitled "This is my world" because I will be writing most of my thoughts, my views and opinions to the things that's happening around me. Create yours too.


It is Tuesday and the weather is fine right now. As I can see outside, the rain is coming again. Also it is getting cooler and chiller every night, well I won't be surprise because fall/winter is almost here. I am just watching tv right now and not really doing anything aside from updating my blog. I wish you guys a great and have fun.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pullman Insurance

Are you looking for a good quality insurance, pullman insurance is definitely the right one for you. They are an insurance company that offers a wide range of service such as personal, commercial, health, life or bond insurance at a price right for you. They also offer a free online quote for everyone who wish to know the exact they are going to pay in getting an insurance. The company is AIA Insurance Company an independent agents dedicated to you and not the insurance companies and can find an insurance for you or your business no matter your history. Check it out!

Anniversary Celebration

I have been busy again lately. Lots to do and lots to cope up with. Today I booked a hotel room for us for our upcoming anniversary in one of the hotel casino's in the coast. I am excited because we haven't been there for a while and it is always great to spend time together alone.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Free Coupons

Using a coupon is a great savings technique. It helps everyone to save more money and gets the best deal in the market. Coupons are free everywhere and dr jays coupons is just one. They provide 3000 coupons everyday for all the shoppers out there. They provide coupons for major department stores, such as JCPenney, Macys, Amazon, Walmart and a lot more. All you have to do in order to get a free coupon is to visit their website and print the coupons. They are an an online provider of clothing, and shoes. Here you will find the complete selection of DrJays coupons and deals. This is really a great savings, check it out now!

God is good all the time

Psalms 46:1 "God is my refuge and strength and a very present help in trouble"

The word of God is very powerful in many ways. He always let us know that he is always there for us whenever we need him. God had never abandoned any of his child and will always help his child in times of need.

God has proven a lot in everyone's lives. He is our King, we sanctify him, he is a friend, A father, our redeemer and most especially he loves us.

Have faith in God and put him at the center of your life.

Job Hunting

Job hunting is quite hard to do especially during recession. It is tough to get a descent job when our economy is down. Good thing there's a website that offers a free search engine on a particular job like local hospital jobs. You can even search the state and city where you want to work. This is amazing and a great way to help those job hunters over there. Log in to your computer now and start searching.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another Typhoon in the Philippines

The Philippines have been hit another typhoon again after the first typhoon that hits the country just recently. According to PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Service Administration), Typhoon ‘Peping’ (international name PARMA) was located based on satellite 440 kms East of Catarman, Northern Samar with maximum sustained winds of 195 kph and gustiness of up to 230 kph. It is said to be a moderate to strong typhoon and classified as type 5 hurricane (same as Typhoon Katrina). Its tropical cyclone, not anymore a storm. People should expect strong winds and rainfall. It is also said to be stronger than Typhoon Milenyo.
I am hoping and praying that victims of this typhoon will survive this tragedy and still able to back on track with their lives.

Rapidshare Search Engine

Before if you are searching for something, you have to buy a book or go to a public library to get the information you needed for your research. Or if you are looking for a place to stay on a particular state, you have to look for a yellow page book. It is quite complicated right? But today our technology has been tremendously excelling with the help of the internet. Nowadays, when you are searching for something, all you have to do is log in to your computer and typed in the theme you wanted to research and hit enter. To make it more easier, search engine has been popular with this kind of research and Rapidshare Search Engine is one of those. Like other search engines on the web, Rapidshare can do the same thing with a broader and accurate information.


It's weekend once again and I'm feeling a bit tired. It is quite chilly today when I got up and just feeling lazy think it's all the time..hahahaha. Well I have no plans for the day yet and I am just watching TV and updating my blog. I wish you guys a happy weekend.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Finding a job

Looking for a front desk jobs. Here's a great website for you. This a website were you can look for a particular job on a particular city or state in the United States and will be directed to information you needed. This is a very helpful website though especially nowadays that it is really hard to find a job. Try it now!


It's Friday and my parents in law surprised me today. We dine at Olive gardens and after we ate we went to a creel creek Halloween event lol..Geeee those stuff out there are scary and some are funny. I enjoyed it though but how I was my baby was here but we will definitely go back there.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


People who are in huge debt problem should use debt settlement leads. This could help you settle what you have and get you back on track as well. To know more about the details, just click the highlighted link.

Bed Time

It is bed time once again and I have not heard from my baby yet. I hope he is doing fine and hopefully he will call or sms me soon. I am little tired and want to go to bed now. It's been a long day for me today and sales was pretty good. Wish you guys a great evening.

Breast Implants

Every woman in this world has her own unique personality. Whether it is physical aspect, emotional aspect or spiritual aspect. I have noticed that most women are self conscious especially with their figure. When I say figure that involves every part of a woman's body. One will like a bigger hips, a 4 packs abs or a bigger breast. Every woman has her own choice and has her own decisions to make. With the demand of being perfect or let's say to look good in every they could, Breast Implants were created to provide the demand of every woman who wanted to have a bigger breast which involves surgical procedure to get the physical attraction that they want.

Survivor Samoa

Survivor Samoa is on tonight. Geeee!!!! I hope Russell will be voted out. He is really mean and always brings a fight to their tribe. I hope somebody will spot is mean attitude and will eventually send him home. He is not doing the right thing but it will be hard to vote him off also because his got the immunity which will save him when they will vote for him. Oh well, we will just see how the game goes.

It's Christmas time

It's Christmas time once again and we all need a persoalised postcards to give to our loved ones. We all know that this is the time of giving and sharing of what we have and good thing 123 prints is a company that has a huge selection of different kinds of postcards for the season. You can even personalized it on your own style and in your own desire. You can upload photos if you want to and make your card on your own. With 123 prints, rest assured that you will get the right product with a very high quality. Get your own now!

Addicting Game!

Lately I am hooked to Facebook particularly the Farm Town and Farm Ville I am having so much fun with it especially that both of my farms are progressing..Hehehehe..Maybe some of you guys have tried it already and I know you can relate to what I'm saying. It's a good past time though especially if I'm bored. The game is so relaxing and it makes me feel I'm working on a real farm. Lol..The plowing, the planting and harvesting are so much fun as well as putting decorations to your farm. Eventually I will expand y farm because it getting crowded now..Wwwaaaaa.

Looking for a job

Did you lost your job and now trying to find another job? You'd come to right place. A find post office jobs website is here to help you find a job in different places. Just go to their website, enter what kind of job you are looking as well as the city and state then search. That easy and you will be directed to the list of jobs available. Check it out!
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