Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding Invitations For My Cousin

I talked to my momma last night and she had a good news for me. My cousin Shiela is getting married on September. Wow! I am so happy to know that. Finally!!She is a year older than me and I got married first but gladly she will settle down soon to the man she loved, her ever dearest Charlie. I am so happy for them and how I wish I could make a trip back home and attend their wedding. I don't want to hold my hopes up but we will never know how time goes. Speaking of which, I was thinking what to give them on their wedding. I came to an idea about booking them an overnight stay in one of the resorts there. A very romantic place for couples. But also I was thinking, what if I will shoulder the expenses for their wedding invitations. That would be cool. Not much help but at least it could lessen the pressure on the wedding preparation. I know I could find some cheap wedding invitations here in the US. I will suggest this to my cousin as soon as I get a hold of her. I am so excited for her.

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