Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Orleans mayor needs a Super Bowl ticket

Wouldn't you think the politically correct NFL would take care of two key politicians for the Super Bowl? Specifically, with game tickets for the mayors of the two cities sending teams? That's not the case for New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, whose said his best bet to attend so far is paying $800 for a seat in the nosebleed section. That prompted Nagin to tell radio station WBOK "I'll have to bring a handkerchief." The $800 ticket will come from the Saints' block of tickets, if Nagin goes that route. Nagin said he was surprised no one accounted for the mayors. "But I just thought that as mayor of the city I would go to the (Super Bowl) as a representative of the city and of the Saints, and it wouldn't be an issue," the mayor said. "But maybe they've got some things they've got to work out, so we'll see. I'm hopeful that it's going to work out." Added Nagin: "Some people seem to forget I come from the business environment . . . So I got contacts at ESPN, USA TODAY, you name it. So I'm going to work it out." Sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Mayor, but you have a better chance of being elected the king of Poland than finding an extra ticket kicking around our offices.

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