Sunday, January 3, 2010

Filipino Channel On Direct TV

I was very surprised when my father in law told me the other night that he had purchased a new program on Direct TV. At first, I was just like okay that's great. But later he reveals the surprised. He said that the new program that he purchased were Filipino Channels. Wow! I was very astounded and so speechless when he said that.

I was very happy and now getting excited because they will install it tomorrow. I think I saw few commercials with the Filipino channel on DirectTV but was not really brought it up to my husband because I just normally watch my shows online. But now with directv, I can watch my shows in a huge screen, that is awesome. They will give us a month trial period though and see if we will keep it or turn it down. For sure we will keep it because aside from just watching my show, my husband could learn our dialect too by watching some of the shows with me.

Oh! today is Sunday and they will be here tomorrow. I am excited and anxious to see their programs. My dad in law told me that there are at least 28 channels for the Filipino shows. Oh that would be so awesome and I can't wait. Told my husband about it and he said it was very interesting. I am just glad that I can still watch my shows from the Philippines eventhough I am already residing here in the States.

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