Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flavored Cigars

When we are preparing for my delivery day, my husband told me to buy an "it's a girl" cigar. I wasn't aware about this tradition here in the states but I find it so cute and very unique. A father has to give away cigars as well as bubble gum to friends and family for the good health of the baby. That is what my husband did when our baby was born. It really amazed me with this tradition because do not have this in the Philippines and I really find it so unique and very memorable. They have kept 3 sticks of cigars soaked in a wine bottle and after 18 years, the father, the grandfather and the husband to be has to smoke the cigars! Sweet! I am really impressed with this kind of product. When I was looking for this cigars, I even found a flavored cigars aside from the ones I was looking for.

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