Thursday, January 28, 2010

Travel, Travel, Travel

My husband and I likes to travel a lot. We are fond of sight seeing and enjoy every scenic view we saw. I can still remember when we travel to Kansas, it was awesome1. It was tiring though because it was a 14 hour drive from the house. The views are very awesome and our travel was very memorable. It was a great vacation for us because we thought that our trip back to Kansas has brought to a new member in our family. Yes, we think I got pregnant in Kansas. I just kinda worried when go on a travel because anything may happen. What if the vehicle will just break down in the middle of the road or need some repair in the middle of nowhere. Oh my, I'll go crazy with that. We are planning to go to Ontario one day and I was kinda worried again with the maintenance of the truck but thankfully there are auto body ontario shops now in the area. This is a huge relief. Now I won't be a worry wart no more for this planned travel one day.

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