Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Losing Some Weight

One time when my husband and I went to his Doctor's appointment. They did a physical exam and everything. His Doctor told him to lose some weight and quit smoking as soon as possible. I agree to that. Not because I do not like his figure and everything like that. I love everything about my husband but it also worries me when it comes to his health. I agree of what his doctor told him in reducing some weight. I know it will be hard for him on the first few months. Been there then that. But for the sake of his health, he is trying to. I wanted to help him though by way of giving him the proper food, the proper intake and proper nutrient for his diet. I was also researching over the web on the references we could use to help him reduce some weight in a manner of time. I found this one great website that has a lap-band the woodlands weight loss surgery. It kinda scare me at first because I wanted my husband to lose some weight in a natural way. But as I was reading their package I was satisfied with it. I can't wait for him to try it.

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