Monday, December 7, 2009


I was browsing the web and I was astounded by this scene. Wow! This place is awesome and by just looking at it, it is so relaxing. This beach is located in Hawaii and as we all know Hawaii is a very nice place to spend your vacation. My husband and I loved to travel and we always love being on the beach and by seeing this, it made me want to go there right has tropical trade winds cool Maui's thirty miles of glorious black, white and red sand beaches. With a constellation of splendid sandy spots ranging from secluded secrets to bustling beaches with restaurants and board hire, Maui has a beach to suit beachcombers, surfers, picnickers and swimmers. Would love to be on this place someday with my husband. It will be a nice treat for both of us and a nice get away..Hehehehe..It is also important to have an easy access on the Beach Cities Protective Services in cases of emergency. The combination of safety and having fun is a must. I know everyone would agree.

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