Tuesday, December 22, 2009


As I've mentioned before that I have purchased some books for my husband which were the Twilight books set. Guess what? Since I got so hooked on the movie and got interested on the books too, I have purchased another set for myself aside from the ones I have purchased for hubby..Hehehehe..Got 'em real cheap. Well they used but hey, they look new to me and what's important to me is the content of the book. My first order has not delivered yet but my second purchased came in today in the mail..Yiiippeee!!!.. I just started reading the 1st book this morning and my gully I don't want to take off the book in my hands and just wanted to read it the whole day..Lol..I know my hubby will like the books too and hopefully before Christmas it will be delivered..Have a great day everyone and happy reading!

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