Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vacation Galore

Headed somewhere? Yeah I exactly know the feeling of taking off for a vacation. My husband and I loved to go on vacation and I always look forward to it. Every time I packed up our things to go somewhere just the two of us is an awesome feeling. God I couldn't ask for more when I am with him. He awesome and a great partner to with and it makes our vacation more romantic and memorable..Hehehehe!!!..I know, I know love is in the air but that's just me, I am not afraid to tell the world how much I love and how much I cherish the time that we are together. It very precious and so priceless. Hopefully we can still go somewhere else for a vacation after I give birth. I know we will be busy parents as soon as the baby gets here but I will always make it a point that we will have time for each other..Hehehehe..Sweet! Speaking of which - vacation. I truly recommend going to the beach specifically beach cities. Why? Because they do not only have beautiful scenic views, good food and nice weather but also they provide Beach Cities Protective Services for their customers. Isn't that cool? You are enjoying, having fun and at the same time well protected and safe in the vicinity. Oh so love that and I am really looking forward for our next vacation, hopefully in the Philippines.

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