Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So Hooked To The New Trend

I am a big fun of twilight. The top rated movie and the best selling book nowadays. The story was so interesting. Yeah I know it is all about vampires and wolves but the thought of the movie was all about love. I am reading the book now for a more detailed story. My God I am really hooked into it. I got my books today and I don't even want to do anything else but just to read..Wheeewww!!!..Speaking of which - vampires. Did you know that aside from books movies nor games and etc, there is also a real real vampire chat . Hmmmmm!.. I got really curious when I was browsing the web looking for the books. It even got me so interested on the website and surely this is a another of keeping me busy on a daily basis. It is free anyway and could meet different people in the chat room. As you know I am a computer junky. If you do not saw me reading or doing anything, you will probably see me messing up with my laptop. Yes, I can sit the whole day in front of my laptop and just search for anything. So today, this is what I have discovered. Oh well! this is what pregnancy brings..Hehehe..Being lazy at times though but I am sure glad I found this chat room. I am pretty much sure that people in this chat room and could relate to me about the thing that I am so hooked right now...Cheers!

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