Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Business Credit Cards

My husband and I are doing ebay once in a while. And sometimes it frustrates me if I don't have any extra money to buy something for him. But thankfully I got this crisis resolved when I started my own business on ebay. It is not that much but it is an extra income I could turn to, whenever I need to shop online..Lol..It's like my earnings online is my shopping money. Oh well! Since we started this small business, a friend of ours had told us to get a business credit cards for both of us. Well we've thought about getting one but was still having second thoughts. Since a friend of ours had assured us that it is okay and could use it to our advantage, we may go ahead get our respective cards. It will also help our credit scores as well because right now our credit scores are not so poor and not so great either and it requires a credit card to increases our credit scores. So we are up to go and start searching for a great deal we can get on our business credit cards.

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