Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tina Davis: Is She Chris Brown's Alleged Booty Call Texter?

This has been the rumor in the showbiz industry for the past few days about Rihanna and Chris Brown. It started with the news that Chris Brown is hurting Rihanna and the second one was she's carrying Chris Brown's child. In today's update, another issue just came up about Tina Davis. According to TMZ, Tina Davis is the woman who left the alleged "booty call" text message that started what police said was a fight between Chris Brown and Rihanna that left Rihanna badly beaten and bruised.

Tina Davis is Chris Brown's 39-year-old manager (she turns 40 this month). TMZ said the two denied that she and Chris Brown had an affair when the singer was 16. According to TMZ, police say that Tina Davis sent Chris Browna three-page text message inviting him to "hook up" with her. The affidavit said that the text message is from "a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with."

According to the affidavit, obtained by the Smoking Gun Web site:

Rihanna read the message, flew into a jealous rage, and allegedly slapped Chris Brown as he drove his rented Lamborghini. He allegedly retaliated by trying to push Rihanna out of the car, and, in the process, punched her in the head and face multiple times.

Chris Brown has been charged with felony assault and making a criminal threat. He appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court last Thursday but did not enter a plea. He will be arraigned on April 6. When news of the alleged assault hit the headlines, the internet was ablaze with discussions concerning domestic violence in general, and its existence among teenagers in particular.

Sadly, many teenagers sought to minimize the gravity of the situation. In fact, some teen commenters on discussion boards even went so far as to say that Rihanna deserved to get beaten, that she was somehow to blame for it. Clearly, there is a lot of denial out there with respect to the existence of violent relationships among teenagers.

But then a police crime scene photo of a beaten and bruised Rihanna surfaced on TMZ last month, and many people began to change their tune (though clearly not all; this writer wrote an article about the photo and some of the hateful comments directed at Rihanna are beyond reprehensible).

Hopefully this crisis will be over soon and the truth will be revealed.

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