Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The biggest swwepstakes website -

There's a new game in town today at The biggest sweepstakes website. All you need is a phone to get started. To enter a sweepstakes you have to send one iniciate message and second confirmation message. By sending confirmation message you read and agree with our terms and conditions. Price of entering to sweepstakes is $2.99. This how it works. Select the sweepstakes, which you find interesting and want to enter. By clicking on the detail of the sweepstakes you can see three steps under the main picture describing how to proceed.
1. Write a text message (SMS) in the form of SWEEPSTAKEID (Replace SWEEPSTAKEID with a code of your selected sweepstakes, e.g. IPHONE, so the whole text message goes like this: SMSNIA IPHONE).
2. Send your SMS to the number listed in step 2.
3. a) If you are lucky and your text message is received in the order corresponding with the winning SMS, you receive a code, which you enter after the registration/log in to claim your prize.
b) If this is not the case, you receive a text message with useful information enabling you to create a plan to obtain your desired prize. You receive information about the number of SMSs remaining to the win, the number of your direct sweepstakers for the prize and how many messages have been sent for the last half an hour from the receipt of your sweepstakes text message. Try it now!

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