Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hopefull Celebrant

My birthday is coming. How I wish my baby will be home that time but I don't it. He get off work 3 days after my birthday. But that's okay we can always celebrate later the important is we will be together and celebrate it. I really miss my husband. I just wish he can a job here so that we will be together all the time. And maybe I can work too and if it happen maybe we can get out of this house. I really want us to live alone. Be on our own and build our family without listening to anybody's command. It's just hard to deal with it everyday and I am getting sick and tired of it. All your actions are being mandated. You have to get up on when they want you to get up. you have to do this and that, in short no privacy and we want that so bad. Hopefully we can live on our own

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