Wednesday, March 11, 2009


As summer approaches so does the season for fun. We start breaking out the camping and fishing equipment and start preparing to go to the lakes and rivers. We clean our coolers, oil our fishing poles, air out our tents, and tune up our boats now we can let the fun begin.
Please remember though that with the fun comes responsibility. Statistics show that forty to fifty percent of all boating accidents have alcohol involved. Please remember just as you should observe all the laws and safety when driving your car your boat is no different.
We must remember that personal flotation device should be worn at all times and by all people. We must protect not only ourselves but our friends and family as well. So please make sure all flotation devices meet the recommended standards and proper sizes as required. Also make sure you obey all the laws and rules of the lakes or rivers you are fishing on.
So please remember that while the summer times is designed for fun and relaxation. Always be safe and keep those around you safe, because when everyone makes it home then it is truly a great vacation. The most important thing though is to remember always wear you personal flotation devices and that Boating and Alcohol Don't Mix.

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