Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mensa Test

I haven't heard about Mensa IQ test but I am glad to discover this information. Every fortnight, Israelis with IQs in the top two percent of the general population meet at caf├ęs and households around the country to discuss matters of common interest.

The main purposes of Mensa, an international non-profit society, are to identify and foster human intelligence; encourage research into the nature, characteristics and uses of intelligence; and to provide its members with a stimulating intellectual and social environment.

The Israeli chapter was established as recently as 2003 by Canadian immigrant Dr. Frank Luger, who gathered the first few hundred members. For the last three years, Mensa Israel has been working toward attaining official nonprofit status, and chairman Roy Daya said he hopes to finish the process in the coming month.

Approximately 500 people in Israel have passed the Mensa entrance test, 200 of whom regularly pay the yearly membership fee and 100 of whom are active members, according to Daya. Approximately one third to one half of them are women and almost all are Jewish, both religious and secular.

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