Thursday, July 15, 2010

All About Planters

During summer, indoor planters and outdoor planters are everywhere. I do not know why we can only plant flowers during the summer but I think it is quite obvious that a plant won't make it through during cold season. A friend of mine use to tell me that I have a green thumb. Sometimes I believe it and sometimes not. Maybe because not all the time I grow a plant so well.

I do love gardening. It is a way to ease my boredom especially when I am totally doing nothing at home. Most of the time I grew up outdoor planter. They pretty and beautiful and very heart warming when you them grow perfectly. It is like, the hard work you have invested is all worth when you see you finish product in the long run.

I am still amazed how plants can do something into ones lives. Indoor planter is also good for the house because it produces some oxygen inside the house. It also add something to your decoration around the house. It can also produce a very heart warming vibe. And having plants around makes you feel like you are close to nature.

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