Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Work work work work work

I feel like my body was used as a punching bag..Ouch!!. Yes I have been having body aches last night and this is probably from working so hard yesterday. Then today we have to clean out dad's storage unit. Have to load and unload some container and that is very tiring. I am so tired and tomorrow we still have a cleaning job to do.. Wheeww!! Hope after this assigned job I can get a relaxing moment back. Hubby is going back to work tomorrow too. So I am all by myself again. We did not get to spend much this when his home because there was a bunch of stuff his dad for him. I think we spend more time working rather than having our alone time. Just tonight it is suppose to be our time before he goes back to work but we have to continue loading and unloading some stuff from the storage unit. Oh well, nothings really new. We did go out for a dinner though but that's just it. Hopefully they will just leave him a alone when his home. Just venting guys.


Rose DesRochers said...

I'm tired just reading your post. lol

Thomas said...

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