Friday, July 2, 2010

Insurance - Assurance

Death is very unpredictable. It comes unexpectedly and very silent. Unless you have illness which a doctor can say that you only have this amount of time to live. But nobody really knows when his / her time, only God can tell when. My dad past away last month and that was a very sad moment. It was unpredictable, it was an expected, everybody was shocked and can't believe that his already gone.

My dad is a cop and most cop has funeral insurance and term life insurance. He has been paying this while he was working and immediately taken out from his paycheck. It's good that they require this kind of insurance to them because it is very helpful to the family. My dad's burial is already paid because his got this insurance. It does help us with the expenses.

Like other insurance such as Australian life insurance and many more. They provide great service to the family. It helps the immediate family with the financial support. The burial is very expensive but because he already have it, we didn't have to pay a single amount. This kind of service is such a saver.

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