Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Way back in the Philippines, we hardly get a mail not unless you are one of the business establishment that gets mails a day. But even them, they do not have mail boxes in their vicinity. What they normally do is they will deliver the mail door to door. When I got her in the states, I was surprise with the mails we get every. It's a ton and most of them are junk.

But as I have notice in my residency here. Every household has Residential Mailboxes. The USPS would normally drop all the mails in the mailbox. In here it is not uncommon to receive mails everyday. They are junk mails, bills and just everything they could send to your residence. Most of the business here has Commercial Mailboxes too.

I think it is really required to have your own mailbox here in the states. I guess it's in their law and a must to put a mailbox right in front of your house. We do have one and I think it is of best quality mailbox my father in law had ever purchased. I sell some stuff online and when I shipped the sold items I can just toss them inside the mailbox. I like it because it huge.

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