Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A lot of dietary procedure on how to lose weight and at the same time get a more healthy and rich protein diet has been upgraded. Before when you go on a strict diet. You have to avoid so many fatty food and high calorie food. But today, with frequent studies and consistent research some institutions that helps an individual to lose some weight has come to a more convenient and more stress free program. I have even seen a diet where you can eat an ice cream, chocolates, protein cookies, spaghetti, pizza and more without gaining any weight at all but instead you will lose more weight. That is awesome. This way, many people will be encourage to lose some weight without any hassle but to just enjoy their program in losing weight. I have tried dieting before. And when I say diet, it was a strict diet. My mom even told me that I am killing myself. What I did wrong on that diet was, I wanted a quick result,that is why I was starving myself to death to get the body shape that I want. Yes, I have lose some weight but it wasn't a healthy diet at all. I even got sick. But today, if ever I will go on a diet again, I know what program to use without sacrificing not to eat my favorite food.

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