Friday, April 30, 2010

Flying Lessons

I wonder how it feels like to be an airplane pilot. Probably it is the most descent and most aspiring job in the planet. I said so because whenever we go travel and take off the plane, I can always hear the pilot saying this and that and just being in the feel so good. I am curious though on many flying lessons they have to undergo before they'd become a professional pilot. I guess it is also a tough job because whenever they are flying, he/she has so many people to protect or to take good care of during the flight. The safety of the passengers is in the pilots hands. So whatever mistake he/she make or whatever circumstances they will encounter in the air, the pilot has the full control on how to maneuver the plane to land safely and protect everyone. But to, I applaud them for their profession because without them, are not able to go to point A to point B.

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