Friday, April 23, 2010

Free Business Cards

It is important to have a business card on hand wherever you go if you are into business. Just like me, I have a small business online but I do not have a business card yet. I am worried that it might be so expensive. I am planning to get some though but I still have to how much will it cost. One time my dad in law and I were at the post of office and a fellow countrymen hand me her card just in case I want to see a Dentist. I mentioned to her before that I needed to replace my dentures, so she handed me her business card for an appointment on day. I ask her where did she order her business card because it is kinda unique and very simple which is my preference if I have one. She said she never pay for a dime and she did it online. She said there are business cards for free online and that was the greatest news I have ever heard. I am very happy to know that I will not spend for a dime and I can even personalized it to design that I have wanted on business card.

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