Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Free Credit Report

When my husband had planned on buying our own place, we immediately talked about checking our credit scores before taking actions. To us it is important to have an excellent credit score before taking a loan or something. We did online through my free credit report. This website will let you view your credit score, debt history and everything like that. In short, all the details that you needed to be approved from a loan is all there. The do's and don't are stated and guidelines on how to improve your credit score more. It is just amazes me how they can do that but it really helps a lot and it very important to have an outstanding credit score.

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gabby said...

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, consumers are entitled to receive one free copy of a credit report each year by visiting It is also your right to dispute erroneous or irresponsible reporting. Hence, before applying for a loan or a credit card, the first step you should do is to check your personal credit report and make sure it’s free from errors.
free credit repair

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