Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My New Website at Hpage Absolutely Free

This is the design that I have chosen at I think this a new website where you can create a free website and set it up on your own. I really find it so amazing that they are offering a free website for everyone, which in other providers it's not for free and have to pay a yearly fee. Yes I got one of those and payed a sum of money for a year subscription. I am glad to discover that offers a 100% free website where I could worked on everyday and doesn't worry no more for my yearly fee. As you can see in the picture, I have chosen the auto design template because I liked the combination of the colors and the design itself. I was very surprise how easy it is to set my own website at You will be surprise too because they will provide a step by step instructions on what to do next and where to go in order to create your website. It is also very fascinating how have come to an idea which is very user friendly and absolutely free. Like I said, I already registered, set up my website and whala it is now functioning. My website is entitled "This is my world" because I will be writing most of my thoughts, my views and opinions to the things that's happening around me. Create yours too.

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