Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shopping Galore

This must be most of the women's favorite shopping. Everybody would just love to go to the mall and shop for something for themselves. Honestly, on my part I do not shop a lot. To me it is tiring. LoL. I just go out and buy whenever I'm low on something ( grocery wise). But I do love going to garage sale because they are cheap. Well to me I consider it shopping to because you purchased something and you get goods in return. Nowadays, you can just shop for everything. To the most expensive to the most cheapest items. Also, the nice thing about our technology today is you can shop online. Yes, just one click on your fingertips and it is done. Wait for it on the mailbox and shopping is done. A home body person like do this most of the time. Lol but shopping truly is fun sometimes. Recently, I have purchased a pair of steel toe rubber shoes and a big bag for hubby because he needs a new one. Those are the things that I go and shop for. If it's needed I'll go out and buy it. I also do some research first on where to buy the cheapest item I need. If I can get cheaper online than going to a mall. I will definitely buy it online. saves me gas and time right.

Just out of curiosity I did research the history of shopping and heres what I've found:

In ancient times, there was no money. People bartered or traded goods, that they had produced themselves. The first money was used over 2000 years ago.

Fairs and markets were in operation from early times. People would shop for goods at a weekly market in nearby towns. Then shops began to be permanently established. Shops were specialised, e.g. a bakery, a butchery, a grocer. Then supermarkets appeared.

There have been three major phases in the shopping / trading world in the last 100 years. In a way, these link up into a full circle.

1. Customers would be served by the shopkeeper, who would retrieve all the good on their shopping list. Shops would often deliver the goods to the customers' homes.

2. Customers have to select goods, retrieve them off the shelves using self service, and even pack their own goods. Customers deliver their own goods.

3. Customers select goods via the internet. The goods are delivered to their homes as in phase one!

The internet is fast becoming the most important trade route in the world. Over the last 2000 years, the Silk and Spice Routes were the most important trading connection in the world.

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