Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Winning Resolution

I have not heard about Cavalry Portfolio Services until I came across their website. They have awesome service and excellent staff ready to help. This is a company that treats their customers as king. Meaning it's their top priority in providing services. They exist because they create affordable solutions for each customer and each resolution specialist is trained to listen to each customer’s needs and design an affordable solution for every customer. They compromised many types of receivables such as Credit Card Receivables, Auto Charge-off's and Deficiencies, Medical Receivables, Installment Loans, Unsecured, Revolving Loans, Utilities,Telecom as well as Commercial Receivables. They also utilizes innovative collection methodologies and highly-trained collection staff to achieve affordable solutions for individual customers and build relationship to create a winning resolution. As they said, they will work with you and not against which is a very awesome service. You can check their Cavalry Portfolio Services Fan page and also their Cavalry Portfolio Services on Linkedin to understand more the services that they offer. On their website, they have this frequently asked question section which makes it more easier for every clients to understand what they provide. You can even have an access on how the company had started and went their way to succeed. Check it out now!

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