Friday, September 18, 2009

Game Fanatic

During my spare time, all I do is play a game on my phone. I particularly play billiards and tetris. I so love this games. I wish to play it with my husband but only one person could play billiards and tetris on the phone. I wish they could create a multi player format for 2 or more persons in a game. When my husband is off from work for 14 days because he is usually gone for 28 days, our favorite past time is playing a game but we have to take turns because only one person could play at a time. We like doing it because it makes us more bonded and it's a recreation that we share when we are together. It is just frustrating sometimes that we can't play a certain game at the same time because it is not in a multi player format but instead a single player format. I know there's a certain way to solve this crisis and this is through a multiplayer mobile game development program. Through this my husband and I could play a certain game together which I find it so sweet and precious. I like doing things together with him, so this technology is awesome and will keep us more bonded. The company that produces this kind of high tech program is Z2live. A well known game developer that provides a full set of services to implement subscription based on social and multiplayer mobile user experiences like game lobbies, leaderboards, invites, push notifications, achievements, NAT traversal, text chat, voice chat and presence. I am so glad that they have created this technology because it makes a couple tighten their bond through a game. Happy gaming!

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