Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love it!!

We were at Kenner, Louisiana yesterday and Oh my God my husband brought me to this place where I could find a bunch of Filipino foods. Yes, you got that one right. He brought me to the Asian market at Kenner and Oh my!!! they have a big store and a huge selection. Most of the food that I miss are all there and of course I picked out everything that I wanted as what my loving husband told me. This place is 2 hours drive from the house and I don't really blame him if I go shopping all the way..Lol..As you can see in the picture, those are some of the items that we bought .

Wow!!!that's all I can say. The bagoong (fish sauce) that I have been wanting to buy was also there. I can just go shopping there the whole day. Their store is 4 times bigger than the Asian market that we have here in our area and the selection is just exceptional. I hope to go back there next month for another grocery trip and I will make it sure it will last for a month..Lol..

Good evening to all!!!

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