Monday, May 17, 2010

The Time Traveler’s Wife

This is a guest post by Jamie Rickles

I was bored and surfing the movies available on the Direct TV that I got from when I came across “The Time Traveler's Wife”. At first I wasn't expecting much out of this movie, but I was definitely wrong. After two minutes I was glued to the screen. It was cool to be able to watch it at home and not have to spend the ridiculous money on theater tickets. This movie gave a touch to time travel that I've never seen done in movies before. Most time travel movies are all about changing the past or future through some form of scientific way. In this movie the main character has no choice but to travel through time. An interesting genetic make-up that is passed down through the family forces him to time travel at the most interesting times.

The story is about him and a woman that he falls in love with. He meets her from the future when she was only a little girl. He finds out that in her time, he is about the same age as her and when she falls in love with him, he goes back to tell her how to find him and what to talk about. Their relationship grows to marriage, and even though he wasn't present at his wedding, his future self was, the movie gives you plenty of twist and turns to follow. It's a movie you have to keep your eyes on or you will miss something.

Through an interesting spin of going backward and forward in time, these two lovers find themselves loving each other as much as wanting his “gift” to go away. The spiral leads though pregnancy and much more more. If you want an interesting love story that will also have the guys as in to the movie as the girls are then this is a movie you will want to see.

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