Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beautifeel Shoes

Oh girl! when it comes to shoes, I am up and moving. I just love shoes and I will collect shoes as many as I want. I do not know what's with shoes but I just love collecting them and they are very adorable to watch. Yes, I only have specific shoes that I use in some occasions but most of my shoes were just stored in my closet and some of them were not even worn once. My husband always tells me to get rid of some of shoes especially the shoes that I do not wear or the shoes that I am not going to wear. I said, no because I love my shoes and they will just stay in my closet and will eventually wear them one day. When I see my shoes in my closet I always have this beautifeel shoes and just love seeing them lined up in my shoe rack. I know girls out there could relate what I am talking about and well this is really a girl thing.

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