Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Online Consultant - Maverlink

Online Consultants are very popular nowadays. They offer a certain service that most company doesn't have. One website that is doing this kind of service Mavenlink. They both serve for professional and business sector. They provide a single, integrated environment for marketing your services, finding challenging and rewarding projects, working online efficiently throughout a project and getting compensated reliably and securely. Browse and select projects on your own, or let Mavenlink suggest projects for which you are especially well-suited. They also provide the most accessible, affordable, and efficient way to provide your business with the flexibility you need to acquire expertise. Find exactly the expertise you're seeking to complete projects of any size or complexity. With Mavenlink, you can access just-in-time advisory and consulting services, save substantial time and money, and eliminate cumbersome administrative overhead. Here's what to do to get started: Become a member, Once you're a member, you can fill out a more detailed profile, or begin posting or finding projects immediately. Post and find projects, Once a project is posted on the site, Mavens can find it, ask clarifying questions of the Client, and bid on it when they're ready. Collaborate on work, Collaboration tools enable Clients and Mavens to communicate, track, deliver, and evaluate at each stage of the project. Lastly, accept and pay, When the Maven delivers the project and the Client accepts, Mavenlink triggers an immediate PayPal payment. Try it now! This is free!

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