Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holocaust Museum shooter James Von Brunn's ex-wife says his racism 'ate him alive'

The ex-wife of the racist who stormed the U.S. Holocaust Museum described him as an abusive alcoholic whose hatred against Jews and blacks "ate him alive like a cancer." "It's all he would talk about," the ex-wife said of James von Brunn, 89, who was wounded in a firefight with museum guards. "When I questioned him, he would get very angry and abusive." The woman, who asked that her name not be used, said when she learned von Brunn allegedly acted on his anti-Semitic impulses, she thought about something he used to say when they were married. "He used to make the statement that he was going out with his boots on," she said. "I took it to mean that he wasn't just about to lay down and die of old age. That he was going to go out and try to take some people with him." She married von Brunn in the mid-1960s and they divorced 10 years later. She said he sipped red wine all day and frequently lashed out with verbal assaults. "He would talk about what the world would become in 20 or 30 years - that most of the country would be governed by black governors and that the Jewish people owned the media," the ex-wife said. "That's why I divorced him - because he was eaten alive with a cancer with this matter."

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