Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bronze Maker and Plaque has been in the market for 100 years now. They have been successfully running this business and being patronized by people with the kind of service that they have. They are Professional Bronze Maker and Plaque Designer as well as producing very excellent piece out of bronze. It is a website that is one of the last in North America's guaranteed foundry direct pricing and old world style craftsmanship of their bronze memorial, recognition, dedication, garden, commemorative and award plaques and bronze grave markers. They provide a very unique combination of superior products, competitive pricing, creative designs, quick turnaround of proofs, and caring and dependable customer service. Check it out now!

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Stephen said...

Thanks for the blog on Our non-profit group needs a large commemorative bronze plaque and (ugh!) my wife needs to start looking for a bronze grave marker for her aunt since nobody else in the family is showing interest in helping look for something that's affordable.

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