Saturday, April 4, 2009

Becoming a parent

We are newly wed couple that are planning to built a family in the future. We are only married for 5 months but we are very excited to have our own baby. It is funny sometimes because whenever I am delayed on my menstruation, everyone think that I am pregnant already but unfortunately it always end up negative. We never lose hope that one day God will give us what we desire and as a preparation I have been reading books and articles about pregnancy and also found as one of my references. This site is very informative and very helpful for us who are just starting to build our family. We want 2 -3 kids. We agree that whatever God will give us we will heartily accept it. I know my husband wants a baby boy and I want a baby girl. I do recommend because it a very reliable website to all women who are pregnant and for women who are planning to get pregnant. They have detailed information on some points in preparing yourself to become a parent. Check it out now!

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