Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Dilema Of Working Online

Working online sometimes is very rewarding and at times very frustrating especially when you expect to work on a regular basis and the work is not just there. I have been working online for almost 5 years now and don't get me wrong, it has helped me a lot on the financial side and even put up some investments from what I've earned.

I took a break from it for probably a year and now I am just getting started. I was a little surprise of the changes such as, it is a little bit harder to get a job now and the rate has become lower. I guess they are on the cost cutting stage. I got 2 contracts from a low bid, I know I am ripping myself of, but it is better than nothing and in the long run my income will grow as long as I don't spend it.

I still hope to get a better contract and a decent rate per hour one day. For now I'll keep trying and keep sending my applications because I know somebody out there will need my expertise and will pay me for the right price.

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