Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finding an alternative spring break for our family to go on

Guest post written by Renee Harold

My niece went on an alternative spring break a few years ago to help clean up after Katrina and she said that it was an amazing experience. So when we decided that we were going to go on a spring break as a family this year, I thought that we could check out family alternative spring break options.

We have teenagers, so they're old enough to volunteer with us and I just thought this might be a little more fulfilling for us. While I was online researching that, I came across some information comparing Electricity companies and after I looked through it some, I decided to sign ! up for one of the energy savings plans that I found.

We're actually going to go to New Orleans for the spring break trip, but we're also going to have a bit of fun while we're there too. I want to do a good amount of sightseeing because IÕve never been to the city before and I love going and looking at historical homes and things like that. We may have to go on our ghost tour for my sonÕs sake.

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