Sunday, March 6, 2011

Poker For Real Money

My husband is now really having fun playing poker online. Well he knew how to play the game since but this time he is just so hooked with it. He is offshore right now but playing poker in his phone keeps him entertained. He was even planning to buy a laptop so that he play his poker game on the boat. I have nothing against it because as long as hubby is enjoying it and so I am.

Poker has been popular for decades now. Most people do it for money and probably you seldom knew somebody who only do it for fun. Well at first they are probably practicing but in the long run they will play it for real money. Some will even enroll in a Professional poker school to do better. Probably they just do good with money when playing this game.

I myself has been hooked too. I only tried once to play it for real money but I have to admit I feel frustrated when I lose. My husband told me that it was not unusual to lose on your first try especially that I am just learning the game. Right now I am still playing it but more on practicing so that next time I play for real money I am good at it. I do look forward playing for real money soon.

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