Monday, March 14, 2011

Basketball Season

Now the football season is over here comes the basketball season. I am excited to watch different states fighting again for the price. It's not that I don't like football but I like basketball better. Probably because I understand the game more and the thrill is there. I cannot wait for their play off game.

I look forward to see Pittsburgh panthers mens basketball. I wonder if they will rein this time. Also Texas longhorns mens basketball is gonna playing and hoping they will make it too. Actually I follow 4 teams during the season. The first two I mentioned are my power team and my bet to win.

I also love to see going forward is the Georgia tech yellow jackets mens basketball as well as the Baylor bears mens basketball. They are great teams and very powerful in the court. Would be great if I could see them play live but that's still not within the budget. Watching it on TV is still worth it and could still follow the basketball season.


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